Causes of Sudden Skin Allergy: The Most Important Triggers from Your Environment and Your Home!

What are the causes of sudden skin sensitivity? Have you ever been exposed to it?

Learn about the most important of them in this article.

Causes of Sudden Skin Allergy: The Most Important Triggers from Your Environment and Your Home!
Here are the main causes of sudden skin sensitivity:

1- Manufactured perfumes and scents

Fragrances are the most common causes of sudden skin sensitivity. In fact, skin sensitivity caused by perfumes has become more common in recent years.

And the materials found in perfumes that cause allergies are not limited to perfumes only. Still, they are also found in other manufactured products that smell beautiful, such as shampoo, soap, air fresheners and clothing fresheners.
Sometimes, none of the mentioned products has a visible smell, but they do contain allergens among their ingredients.

2- Nickel-metal in jewellery

Nickel is a common cause of sudden skin allergy, and nickel is used in the manufacture of many pieces of jewellery, especially those placed in holes in the body, such as earring and navel earrings.

Nipple sensitivity caused by nickel is widespread, and the reason is not only the rings that contain nickel, but also the needles that are used to make piercing of the ear that contains nickel as well.

And sweating can worsen the sensitivity of the skin caused here. Nickel can also be found in some clothing accessories, such as zippers, belts, and buttons.

3- Latex in rubber gloves

Latex is a milk-like liquid that is extracted from rubber trees, and it is used in the manufacture of many products, such as rubber gloves, condoms, and balloons.

It is a substance that may directly cause a type of skin sensitivity in some people, due to protein substances in it that the body mistakenly sees as harmful substances, and an allergic reaction to it arises on this basis.

4- Cosmetics and sunscreens

“Allergic reactions and rashes may arise as a result of skin contact with cosmetic products that contain certain substances, such as formaldehyde and paraben”, the best skin specialist in Islamabad says.

Although this seems strange, the substances found in some types of nail polish may cause skin sensitivity, especially eye sensitivity, when contacting completely dry and coated nails with the eyes.

It is also possible that certain substances are present in some types of sunscreens that are activated upon exposure to the sun after applying the skin to it, making it one of the causes of sudden common skin sensitivity.

5- Hair dyes and black henna

Contact dermatitis can arise as a result of an allergic reaction to para-phenylenediamine, a substance commonly found in some hair dyes.

Also, black henna tattoos on the skin may cause allergic reactions due to mixing black henna with certain substances that are classified among the common allergens.

6- Creams and ointments

Although ointments that are classified as antibiotics are already useful for treating infections and open wounds, this does not apply to those who are allergic to substances such as neomycin.

Neomycin is a common ingredient in products such as pain-relieving ointments, eye drops, and ear drops.