6 Ear Damaging Daily Life Habits You Need to Avoid

We love dancing to the rhythm of the music. We love listening to music, going to the concert, going on a long drive with high volume music playing on the radio. Be it any social event or through the headphone, we all love enjoying the beat of the music. 

The ear doctor at the medicine hospital further reports that listening to high volume music via your headphone can cause hearing loss along with the ear infection. For this reason, it becomes very important for us to look out for such bad habits that can cause hearing loss and how you can protect yourself from such ear-damaging habits. 

Good health for your ears is even more important and should be the top priority of everyone. Your healthy hearing habits ensure that you would be able to hear properly for a long time. It would also prevent you from missing out on hearing the meaningful sound of your beloved ones. 

Good Hearing Habits

You must be thinking that how our hearing would be affected. Right! Well, frankly speaking, it would. In fact, hearing ability is one of the most underrated abilities. Hearing is that ability that helps a child speak. 

According to the audiologists in Karachi, practicing good hearing habits are important for our ears. Healthy hearing habits include getting your ears properly diagnosed every year if you feel something is concerning. It also includes avoiding putting anything in the ear. At times, the first step in improving your ear health is getting it examined by your audiologist.

Daily Habits that are Harmful to Your Ear and Hearing Ability

Here are some of the daily habits that we don’t realize but are harmful to our ears.

  • Use of the Headphones

Headphones have become the new norm. Whether you are traveling, working, or out for a walk you must have seen a lot of people using headphones or hand-free or ear pods. Little did you know that ear dots and headphones are some of the major culprits of damaging your ear. Exposure to loud noises daily is able to damage the tiny hair cells of your ear. These tiny hair cells are present in the inner ear and are responsible for converting the sound waves into such signals that your brain is able to understand easily. 

When you are wearing headphones or ear dots you are exposing your ears to loud noises which can cause extreme ear damage and you might suffer from hearing loss. This particular habit is at the top of the list regarding bad habits so make sure to limit the time of using such ear gadgets.

  • Smoking

You shouldn’t be astonished if I am going to say that smoking can affect your ears. The reason why smoking is injurious to your health is due to this. As you age, your hearing ability is affected. According to various studies, you are exposed to about 7,000 chemicals by burning merely one cigarette. Some of these chemicals are so damaging for your ear that they destroy the nerves and other tiny mechanisms of your ear that affect your brain’s ability to interpret the sound. 

  • Poor Dental Hygiene

Unhealthy gums, poor teeth, and other bad oral habits have quite a huge effect on your body, more than you could ever imagine. Harmful bacteria that are present in your oral cavity are able to enter your bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, these harmful bacteria can cause various heart diseases. When your heart is affected, your whole body will be affected due to the poor circulation of the blood. 

  • No Ear Protection while at Work

Well, you must be intrigued to know that not all headphones are created for music purposes. Some headphones are specially designed to protect your ears from noise. A person who is working in the industry, at the construction site, etc. is more prone to loud noise. For this very reason, even musicians use these ear protection headphones during the concert to reduce the volume of the music. 

Here is the list of other major niches of workplaces and industries where workers should wear ear protection headphones.

  • Agriculture
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Avoiding the Signs of the Ear Infection

An ear infection is a serious condition. A chronic ear infection is worse as it can break down the hair cells and even bones. If you fail to get it properly treated then it will take a severe toll on your ears. You might feel that your ear is better when the symptoms are better. But, little did you know that the infection would still be present deep inside your ear. If the infection is still there, with time it would keep damaging the middle ear and then eventually the inner ear. This could lead you towards a life-threatening situation.

  • Lack of Physical Activity Exercise

Last but not the least, like any other risk factor for ear health, lack of physical exercise puts us at risk of various chronic conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes. Your blood flow and circulatory system are affected by these two health conditions. So, you need to at least exercise moderately and control body weight. 

Takeaway Note

Remember, you have only one pair of ears and it’d last for a lifetime, so make sure to protect your ears as what you do would have a lifelong effect on your hearing ability.