Arthritis Foot Pain

Arthritis foot pain is one disease that affects people of different ages almost all over the globe. As the symptoms are common with many other diseases, it is becoming impossible to diagnose in the earlier stage itself. If you feel stiffness while waking up early in the morning, have persistent pain in one or more of your foot joints that worsens with simple movements, these could be the earlier signs of arthritis pain.

If you have swelling or redness in the foot joints and noticed a change in joints moving range, these are considered as the next level symptoms of arthritis pain in the foot. There are more than 100 diseases associated with arthritis and foot pain. If you have reached middle age, and suffer from arthritis foot pain, it is named as osteoarthritis. This inflammation is caused by the weakening of the surface covering the cartilage. Gout is one type of arthritis pain that happens due to uric acid crystals that form in the foot.

Arthritis foot pain rheumatoid is an inflammatory disease that affects people of all ages. Though the exact cause is still not known, recent researches show that inheritance and the poor immune system play a major role in this disease. When a person carries a gene or loses his / her immune power, it directly affects the joints and causes arthritis foot pain. At times, fractures, injuries, and accidents can also cause such pain in the foot. Women seem to be highly affected by rheumatoid arthritis pain since their joints go weak due to hormonal phases during their whole life cycle.

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Arthritis Foot Pain

Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines are recommended as the first step in arthritis foot pain relief. Using brace, cane, shoe inserts, insoles, and support socks can help at times. Certain physical exercises like yoga with proper guidance can be practiced. Performing certain yoga postures help to increase the blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, so the unaffected joints are saved. Apart from these conservative medications, steroids and surgery are recommended as a final option. Final treatment options can provide good results with arthritis foot pain, but accompanied by little too severe side effects.

Prevention is always better than cure. We can consider preventing arthritis foot pain from occurring by wearing appropriate footwear, regular exercises like stretching and massaging the acupoints, balancing the stress applied to the joints in the foot and leading an active life. We should take the earlier symptoms as an alarm clock which indicates our poor immune system and act intelligently towards correcting it.

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