How To Prepare Your Trees Before Arrival Of Storm Season?

Heavy winds and storms can damage your trees. You have to start taking care of your trees so that they can withstand adverse climatic conditions such as lightning, blizzards, thunder, heavy snowfall, and strong winds. Trees look beautiful in our yard, and they help in uplifting the visual appeal of your property. But they can wreak havoc if storm season hits them hard.

After the storm and heavy winds, you may have observed that many trees fell or got damaged. Heavy wind can lead to uprooting trees, damaged falls, or split. The storm season not just led to damage to your trees, but the falling trees can also wreak havoc on your property like home, car, electrical wire, etc.

It is very dangerous to deal with a fallen tree, especially when the electrical wire is entangled. Never choose to DIY on a fallen tree due to a storm. You should immediately call the tree professionals such as tree lopping Sydney contractors and get the fallen tree removed from your yard.

Fortunately, there are various tips to avoid this unwanted situation. It would help if you learned about the best ways to keep your trees healthy and sturdy. Here, in this article, I will describe some tips and tricks that will help keep your trees standing straight during the storm season.

Preventing Your Trees from Storm Damage: 

  • Plant the Right Trees

If you live in an area where you get maximum storms in the year, then we recommend you choose the species that can withstand this kind of adverse weather conditions. It would help if you chose strong native trees for your yard. These types of trees can easily handle extreme weather conditions. Thus, one of the best ways to prevent the trees in your yard from storm damage is to choose the right species.  

  • Take Help Of Professionals

The trained and experienced tree professionals can help take the right steps that can help protect your trees and your property. As we have already explained, a storm can hit the tree hard, and it may fall on your property; therefore, taking the help of a professional will protect your property from damage. A little guidance from a reputable professional can prevent your trees. Also, these professionals can prevent you from big losses.

  • Regular Pruning & Trimming

If you want to keep your trees strong and healthy, it is imperative to prune and trim your trees regularly. Regular pruning and trimming can help in removing dead and decayed branches. Ultimately, it helps in redistributing water and minerals to healthy branches of the trees.

Make sure that the pruning and trimming techniques are implemented efficiently. Therefore, calling professionals for implementing the pruning and trimming technique is a good idea. They will inspect the trees in your yard and remove the decayed branches to reduce the probability of major accidents during storms.

  • Cut Down Hazardous Branches

The dead and decayed branches may not even withstand wind, and they may fall on your property. Thus, removing hazardous branches before the storm season is crucial. It would help if you regularly inspected all the trees in your yard. If you observe any signs of damage, then inspect that branch properly. It would help if you scraped that branch with a thumbnail.

If the branch is green from the inside, then it is not completely damaged. On the other hand, if it is brown from the inside, then a branch is completely decayed, and you should remove that branch before it falls on your property. If you are not sure, then consider calling a tree professional for taking the right suggestions.

  • Keep Tree Crotches Free from Debris

The collection of leaves, debris, and dirt in the tree crotches can rot in the tree. It can further affect the strength of the tree. If you want to avoid this, then you should regularly clear the tree crotches. It is one of the simplest ways to prevent damage to your trees and keep them sturdy.

  • Prevent Trees Entangling With Power lines

If you observe that power lines are entangling with your trees’ branches, you should immediately contact the power company and inform them about the situation. You should call the power company professionals and tree professionals at the same time so that they can simultaneouslytion and give the right suggestion to prevent your tree and property from damage during a storm. ‘

  • Cut Down Rubbing Branches

The good angle between branches is 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. If you observe that the branches of your trees are very close to each other, then remove them. The branches that are too close to each other can affect their strength. Thus it would help if you cut down too close or rubbing branches.