How to Install Luxurious Flooring in Your New Home

At times, we used to install hardwood, marble, and ceramic tile flooring in our homes but luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a new, trendy and luxurious flooring to install in your home. You should install luxurious vinyl flooring in your new home or your home renovation Dubai.

For that, you can either hire a professional or do it by yourself. You just need to know the steps for installing vinyl flooring in your home. Here, we will provide you a step vise procedure for installing luxurious vinyl flooring in your home.

1. Measure the area of the room

Before buying the vinyl tiles make sure to measure the area of the room you want to install luxury vinyl tiles in. Don’t measure the area very precisely and even add a few square meters to your total measurement to avoid any problem in the future. If you mess up with the tiles and some tiles got wasted then these extra tiles will help you to cope up with the situation.

2. Take out the previous flooring

Although vinyl flooring is easily attached to any surface still professionals always suggest removing previous tiles or flooring before you install any new flooring. Take out any old material from the floor and scrap out previous adhesives and subflooring. This will help the new flooring to stick and adhere easily.

3. Cut the door casing from underneath

Tiles and planks need to be perfectly fit and for that, you have to slide them under the doorjambs. Undercut the door casing with a suitable saw and make space for the tiles to slide in smoothly.

4. Clean up the mess

Clean up any mess in the room including the debris under the doorjambs and the scraps of old adhesive and subflooring with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

5. Level the floor

The smoother the surface, the better the luxury vinyl flooring will stick. To make the surface smooth and fine, find the high points in the room and sand them down. Also, search for the low points and fill them with a cement mixture, and after drying sand them to make it smooth and level. Make a smooth subfloor and let the leveler cementitious mixture dry as per the instructions.

6. Install the luxury vinyl flooring

When the subflooring is dried, vacuum the floor one last time and start installing the luxury vinyl flooring in your home. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles will be the best choice if you are installing the vinyl floor by yourself. Use some tools like a trowel to help with the flooring and make it smooth. Leave a little expansion space between the tiles and walls and avoid any gaps in between the tiles. If you are installing vinyl planks then the expansion space will allow them to expand in extreme temperatures without messing up the entire flooring.

7. Be careful around the doorjambs and corners

The tiles near the doorjambs and angled corners need more attention and care. Cut the tiles for the door jambs and angled corners accordingly (cut the tiles with a little extra space to slide down). Now, slide down the luxury vinyl tile under the door casing while being careful.

8. Roll-on

Once you are completely done with installing the luxury vinyl flooring in your home, take a heavy floor roller and roll over the vinyl flooring. Roll on the flooring in every direction, in the middle, and on the sides as well. This step is not very necessary but it will let the flooring adhere and stick well to the subflooring.

9. Install wall moldings

This is the last step for installing luxurious vinyl flooring in your home. After the roll-over step, you have to take care of the sides and corners of the rooms. Measure the length of the side of the walls and install modern wall moldings. Instead of installing the wall moldings to the floor, attach them to the walls for a better outcome.

Let it dry

After following all the above-mentioned steps, let the luxury vinyl tile flooring dry for at least a week. Avoid washing, cleaning, and mopping the floor during that time, and let the flooring attach and adhere strongly with the subflooring.

Follow the above guidance to install luxurious flooring in your home and prefer luxurious vinyl flooring over any other flooring for your home renovation in Dubai.