How domestic violence can be eliminated

Imagine coming from a home where your mother is subjected to physical abuse by your father or vice versa. Imagine the emotional toll it takes on you and your siblings coming from a home where there is no peace. Domestic violence has been a serious issue affecting many homes. In the past, people were scared to talk about it and address the issue. It may be hard for a spouse to leave the relationship for different reasons but there are ways to help. In this article, we will discuss ways to help stop domestic violence.

Raise awareness on the dangers of harmful traditions

In some cultures, women are sold into marriage from ages as low as 11. Others are seen as a man’s property once married. It is also considered taboo to leave a marriage in most native communities. On the other hand, it is a tale as old as time that men are expected to be strong and masculine. If a man came out as a victim of domestic violence, the community would ridicule him rather than help him.  These are mentalities that need to be changed because this presents one gender as having close to no rights. While the other gender can take advantage of such traditions to oppress the other.

Begin tackling violence at an early age

Habit and character are natural. If a child is not taught right from wrong at an early age, they grow up without a moral compass. Young boys and girls should be taught that they should never resort to violence. Their parents should also lead by example while at home. Handle your issues like adults and show your children that there are other peaceful ways of settling the conflict.

 Challenge and speak about violence at home

As children learn about violence in school, at home, you should also allow them to be vocal about it. Teach them about their rights and show them that it is okay to report acts of violence including bullying. Knowing their rights will help them protect themselves from domestic violence even as they get older.

Transform attitudes towards violence on multiple levels

The whole community should work together to eradicate domestic violence and provide assistance for victims of domestic violence. Community leaders, pastors, teachers, and every other social occupation should publicly and strongly show their disapproval of this act. This will give the victims the courage to come out from hiding to get help.

Listen to peoples experiences and narratives

By listening to stories from victims of domestic violence, you expand your knowledge on the issue. There may be signs you do not recognize. Your neighbor or friend may be going through it without your knowledge. You may pick up on new information and insight that may come in handy to help others or yourself.

Provide specialists in societies

Providing specialists will help victims overcome the trauma. They can never move on from their experiences until they shed the burden of trauma. Children who have experienced family violence also need counseling, guidance, and support to deal with the trauma. Specialists can also advise the community on what steps to take to get rid of domestic violence.

Reach out to the marginalized and rural communities

They are the most affected and most silent about social issues. Domestic violence is not an exception. Women from marginalized communities are subjected to emotional and mental torture as well as physical. Reach out to such communities because they are collectively forgotten and neglected. Teach them about rights, privileges, and freedoms. Show them that they have the law on their side.

Promote healthy and respectful relationships

Whether in the workplace, in the community, or at home, be advocates of healthy relationships. At work, ask that your HR department put in place measures that protect both men and women. Create channels of dealing with domestic and sexual violence. Such circumstances will affect both individual and company productivity.

Spread the most effective prevention programs

It is believed that the best way to do away with abuse is to stop the abusers. Such approaches have been tested and show promise. Children emulate their parents and neighbors, they also imitate their idols and role models from TV and sports. It is easier to instill such values in children. You can ask them to write a persuasive essay against the vice as a tool to teach them the impacts it has. They are still in an impressionable stage and can be taught in schools. We should teach our men how to treat women and show them that it is okay for a man to show emotion and weakness.

Make legal penalties for domestic violence consistent and firm

Hold the abusers accountable for their actions. Putting consistent and strict fines will deter them from perpetrating violence. Domestic violence should be made customary law in that it will be implemented all over the world. If the family separates, there should also be laws that protect the children financially.

Conclusion on domestic violence eradication

It is important to accord every human being their rights. Whether man or woman, no one deserves to go through the torture of domestic and sexual violence. This is an issue that cannot be downplayed or ignored. As a society, we should create awareness, keep an eye on our neighbors and offer support to the victims of domestic violence.

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