SIX Best Case Management Software for Social Service

A case is a project, service, or business that is in action or shut to solve any issue. For doing this, many individuals inside or outside the organization involved. They may have different relationships with each other and various documents and online conversations.

Case management software for social service offers you the ability to store client data and other essential documents in one central location. You can save your project or business data in one central location, i.e., case management software. It comprises case notes, contact details, project scheduling, client’s appointment, and billing.

Importance of case management software for social service

If any social service or non-profit organization still uses paper as their primary approach to store their client’s data, it’ll need case management software to manage its data.

Many businesses integrate essential software and paper to store client’s data, which makes it challenging to manage and get clear visibility of their data. If an organization uses outdated technology or software, it only provides essential functions. It may stop them from getting clear insights that they need to produce accurate reports.

If an organization uses case management software for social service, it will give clear insights and accuracy of their data. The software will ensure that the staff gets detailed information from the clients.

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Critical features of case management software for social service

It’s a vital part to select the software which matches minimum requirements rather than the main feature.

Here are some essential key features of case management software for social service:

  1. Integration: The software should be able to integrate with external systems. It should apply APIs which enable users to communicate with relevant networks and applications.
  2. Self-service: It’s indispensable for companies to offer self-service platforms for customers. It should also enable them to answer all the questions with the help of company representatives.
  3. Advanced analytics: The software should give a thorough analysis of the reports. The software will turn your insight into action, unlike other software that only provides one-dimensional reports. It makes it easy for you to connect with other networks and applications. It helps you to visualize the data in more new ways. You can easily predict your needs and manage them accordingly.
  4. Updating: The software should be smart enough for future progress. It should take care of updated technology and features that benefit your clients. It should also empower businesses to estimate future costs.
  5. Mobile support: The software should support multiple devices. It should be convenient enough for both the customers and employees. It should deliver 24-hour mobile support and provide self-service options to the clients.

Here is the list of best case management software for social service:

  1. MyCase:

It is a law-based software that helps lawyers to communicate with their customers. It also manages and executes daily legal operations. MyCase software also delivers advanced features to manage accounts and scheduling the projects or cases.

MyCase offers applications like case management, time tracking, financing, and contact information. It can work on both mobile phone and desktop versions. It also has mobile apps supporting Android and IOS devices.

It facilitates online payment transactions and gives notification in both mobile phone and desktop versions. It offers amalgamation with QuickBooks.

The MyCase software cost is $39 per month or $49 per month, which billed yearly. It gives you 30 days of free trial so that you can experience the software features before subscribing.

  1. PlanStreet:

It is one of the best case management software for social service. PlanStreet software focuses on social and community outreach services organizations. The main target organizations are social service and non-profit communities. It abolishes manual work and paperwork, providing a safe platform for caseworkers. PlanStreet gives you a pioneering level of performance by using the best platform. It provides the best security and scalable performance.

Caseworkers can easily use this software and access it for all the crucial data.

Why PlanStreet case management software? Well, it has three main reasons:

  • Organization:  PlanStreet offers concentrated documents and makes them manageable and systematically keeps them. It avoids wasting time in searching for critical details and reports. It organizes the documents in a systematic manner and stores all the relevant data in one central location.
  • Increased productivity:  Investing in PlanStreet means investing in the future. It smoothly runs multiple functions and saves you valuable time. You can devote this precious time to your client servicing and community assistance. In return, it will increase your productivity.
  • Centralization: PlanStreet centralizes all your relevant data and information. It enables the user to upload and recover all the data from a single source. It not only stores all your data in one single location, but also saves your time and effort.

Essential features of PlanStreet

Case management & service delivery: You can track the complete wheel of life with case management and deliver benefits with PlanStreet. It is the best software for non-profit organizations that offers useful and sustainable services.

Forms, workflows, approvals, and notifications simplify workflows, alerting, and other digital features. It allows users to share data and integrate workflows easily. You can also share your file automatically through PlanStreet.

Configurable dashboards: PlanStreet allows users to view end to end through configurable dashboards. The dashboards assist in helping service and program and guide the right course of the plan by specific recommendations.

Complement, best performance configurations: PlanStreet helps in accelerating the impact of evaluation and outcomes. It also helps in accomplishing the desired results at an organization level. The software gives every participant the service to reach their desired goals.

  1. Clio:

It is another law-based case management software for small to large scale businesses. Clio offers a platform that enables law firms to track their time frame, financing, and billing, regulate cases, and collect data from customers.

It becomes secure in managing firms on monthly, weekly, or daily basis tasks. The practice dashboard displays hourly targets and tracks the progress reports of the clients.

It allows users to access accounting and billing features. Clio enables lawyers to do online transactions from clients. The software can work on mobile and desktop devices and offers Android and iOS applications.

  1. Bill4Time:

It is cloud professional service software that provides time and tracking of expenses. It allows users to bill and project management. The system tracks bills for employees and also tracks time for consultants and contractors.

The software provides bill rates, invoices, and online transactions with 24/7 client access. It provides a secure and client payment portal.

The user can also view daily and weekly financial status and productivity, reducing the efforts of paperwork, notepads, and sticky notes. It stores all the essential data in the software.

  1. Firm Central:

It is case management software comprising matter management, time and accounting, and scheduling of projects or meetings. Firm Central plans feature clients, essential documents, and matter management. The user can systematically arrange documents, notes, tasks, events, and contact details and maintain communication with the clients.

The Firm Central Essential Scheme includes the billing and time module. It provides users to track billable hours and use fees in specific issues. The premium plan features deadline assistants and scheduling of tasks and also the firm’s calendars.

  1. Smokeball:

It is a software-based on legal productivity that automatically records the time and boosts the firm’s profit and productivity by 25%. Whether you bill hourly or set a fixed fee, it doesn’t matter. Smokeball provides the insights to run a law firm profitably.

With an addition of 14,000 electronic forms and MS Word and Outlook integration, the firm has never been compatible and manageable. Smokeball can smoothly run on mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Smokeball is a premium case management software that only runs on Windows 8 or 10. It is case management software for social service, which supports customers and consultation outcomes.

These are some best case management software for social service.