Anger is one letter short of Danger

Anger is one letter short of Danger

Even though this saying is an acceptable truth nobody realizes this when they are angry. Anger is one of the weaknesses which is found in a man irrespective of age. Anger punishes itself. Everybody falls prey to anger at one time or another and says or does things that cause long term damage which is again detrimental to happiness. In Bhagavad Gita Krishna has said that from anger arises delusion; delusion promotes confusion of the mind; confusion generates a loss of reason and finally, loss of reason leads to complete ruin.

However, desire breeds anger, when the desires are not fulfilled anger is the result. Like an earthquake that destroys the entire city, anger even though it appears for a moment may ruin the entire life. So one must know how to control anger or else it leaves permanent scars.

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All that you have to do is, be patient and be silent. The desire to get things done fastly will sometimes need to be balanced with a degree of patience. In an angry mood, one may even kill a person if he loses patience. Anger diminishes our intellectual capacity. An angry person tries to take revenge on the other person who is the cause of his anger. Anger leads to a huge loss. Especially a short-tempered person creates a furor. Nobody likes a person who is short-tempered. He may be a good man but not a famous man due to his short temper. People may call him a fool. Anger keeps him worried. Anger only shows that instead of being the master we are still the slaves of our lower mind.

Do these when you are angry.

1. Do not speak. Be calm.
2. Do not write any letter to anybody.
3. Do not take lunch or dinner.
4. Leave the place and sit in silence for some time, say five minutes.
5. Think of some pleasant memories of your past life.
6. Think of somebody who is very close to your heart like your mom, your wife or your child.

Anger dies quickly with a good man. A clever man controls his anger.

An angry person loses his sense. He acts very irrelevantly. This should be a lesson to others. They must know that with anger nothing is achieved. Suppose another person makes you become angry you should not become angry. Instead, you must put effort to see that the other person becomes normal. If you too become angry then the situation gets worsened. Under the conditions even friends become enemies. In between two if one is angry the other should keep himself smiling.

A smile costs nothing, but it creates much.

There are physiological and psychological causes of anger. One has to find out the real cause and conquer anger. Some people will have the feeling that they are blackish they are poor, they are sick, they are ugly, etc. Some others will have the feeling that they are dull, unlucky, inferior, etc. Such physiological and psychological reasons make them become angry when other people talk about it. One thing we must note that nobody is supreme. Everybody will have one or other defects. Better avoid physiological and psychological feelings. Many great things are achieved by people who were black in color. The dark clouds can only pour rains.

There may be any reason for your anger. Analyze the reason. Find out where the fault is, rectify it. Things may become normal. Becoming angry, raising your voice, scolding others do not yield any fruit. In fact, it kills your pleasure. A wise person laughs or keeps laughing even when he has lost his temper. Rather, he will be the happiest person.

Anger is the root cause of ill health. Anger may be one of the biggest challenges you are facing today. Anger is ruining health, destroying relationships, careers, businesses, marriages and is a significant factor in abuse and addictions of all kinds.

So say bye-bye to anger and be out of danger.