How To Be A Good Freelance Writer? Top 5 Tips

Are you looking to make money writing content online? Do you want to be a freelance writer but aren’t sure how to get started? Then, this article is for you. Here are 5 rules that will help you become a successful freelance writer.

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First of all, write every day!

Even if it’s only for an hour or two each day, you need this practice to create quality work and build up your portfolio/resume. It also helps with discipline, which comes in handy when freelancing full time doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing ever (and I guarantee at some point during the first year, especially when working sounds more fun than going out).

Secondly, make sure you are versatile.

It means writing on various topics and not limiting yourself to one specific topic (or two). You never know what clients will come your way or how they might need your help, so it’s best to be prepared for anything by being as well-rounded as possible!

Thirdly, use Grammarly or Hemingway Editor to polish up the content before publishing.

No matter how good someone is at writing, there’s always room for improvement, which is why editing/proofreading should ALWAYS be done when working with any client that has hired you to write something for them. It will better reflect their business if everything looks professional from start to finish and ensure that nothing gets missed.

Fourthly, research and find out how to get paid as a freelance writer.

It should be common knowledge that you should never promote your business if it isn’t set up properly (in other words: don’t rely on PayPal). Still, the matter is that not everyone realizes this or knows how to fix their website/business, which could result in lost clients and time wasted. So before you start writing for someone, make sure they have all these things squared away because it will save both of you so much headache down the line!

Fifthly and finally, remember why you decided to become a freelancer in the first place?

Do whatever is necessary so that every time you wake up excited instead of dreading how your day will be. If you can achieve this, then there’s no reason why you won’t continue being successful!

Lastly and most importantly (and I know how cliche it is), work hard.

There will be days where the motivation isn’t there, but if you stick with it for long enough, eventually, everything will pay off tenfold. So don’t give up on your dream of making money freelancing as a writer; stop reading articles like these and do what needs to get done because nothing worth having comes easy!