Reviewing Dex Parios Bisexuality Character In Novel


The full name of Dex Parios is Dexedrine parios Callisto, and it is a type of private investigator specifically based in Portland. Dex parios appearance and personality are explained in separate sections in this paper. She was playing the role of a private investigator, and another work was to find people who were missing from their birthplace.

For example, Dex parios’ granddaughter named Nina was run away from her birthplace because of some debt with Dex Parios. The different characters used in the novel are also well explained and discussed in the sections below. This part also gives information about Artie apprenticing and Watkins Allen.

The personality of Dex Parios 

Dex Parios is a private investigator and Marine veteran who served the duty of invigilator in  Afghanistan. Dex Pariox is a great and humble personality despite what she suffered from. Stress disorders such as posttraumatic due to overload of work in his investigation. People know that she is also a bisexual personality, and that is why she is trying to manage post-traumatic stress by using sexual relationships.

As from history, the relationship between Dex and Grey is not continuing because grey understands that Liz is continuing to manipulate Dex to get drunk and believe that they have sex. That is why the commitment of Dex Parios about relationships is always destroyed and unable because of her past time experience.

Dex parios is always learning new things from the truth. For example, she was the only person responsible for the death of Benjamin beaches; she disagreed with allowing the military to torture Hajira Abbassi. Another reason for that was Benjamin’s husband was stealing explosives and regularly torturing Benjamin.

Appearances of Dex Parios 

Stumptown is a type of drama television of categories of American crime, and Dex parios was an investigator who was struggling to take care of her younger brother. Similarly, As political pressure is one of the main reasons for post-traumatic stress, Dex Parios is suffering from this avoiding the other appearance such as hooliganism.

Furthermore, dex parios have a desire for an apprentice under PI who correctly uses police forces.  This nature of Dex parios shows that she is also a humble and helping person who is heartily helping other people and the slave problems of many people. Conversely, in Dex parios interview, she was getting more upset because she could not find Grey.

This behaviour of Dex Parios shows that she suffered from a lack of confidence in herself and was upset for a small reason in her life. However, Dex Parios was shocked when a dedicated song was sung by Fiona to her and added the name of a person who got missing and away from Dex Parios life. She is always ready to take advantage of new opportunities, such as she has taken opportunities to search for evidence and break in any evidence of dealings shady.

Relationships between characters  

Dex Parios have humble behaviour and have many relationships with different characters, such as romantic relationships, friendship, familial, and professional relationships from Stumptown. For example, Dex parios have romantic relationships with different personalities such as Fiona X, Benjamin Blackbird, Sammy, Hoffman miles, and Violet.

Similarly, Dex parios was met with Benjamin in her college, and they spent lots of time with each other in their college life. Dex Pariox was disheartened because Benjamin left her when the family of Benjamin pressurise to marry native girls. After some years later, Benjamin leaves her family and joins the military because of following Dex Parios. The sad news was that he was killed in Afghanistan’s military and war places in a bombing.

Similarly,  Dex Parios makes good familial relationships with different persons, such as Ansel Parios and her parents. She was taking more care and more crucial about her brother named Ansel Parios health, and once she committed, she was not going to take care of her brother and felt regret.

However, Dex parios has a good friendship with Grey McConnell, and she always helps her with the help of her brother. Both of them had a conversation, and at last, they decided that they were just friends and promised each other that they would never cross the limit again.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that Dex parios is a bisexual character from Stumptown. She had many different personalities and approaches with a specific person in a different situation. She had made relationships such as familial, romantic and friendships in her life. Apart from that, she has all the personality and appreciation the investigators have while on duty. Thus, from the above sections, the story of Dex Parios and her character in the novel is explained very well