Top 10 Netflix Shows That You Should Watch in 2021

Do you like to watch the latest movies and dramas? You must be familiar with a streaming service for various well-known TV shows, Netflix. On Netflix, you can find many types of the most popular films ranging from the best Netflix films, cinema big screens, anime, dramas, documentaries and so on. You must watch the best Netflix Movie Recommendations and unfortunately missed.

The latest Netflix movie collection, especially in 2021, is presented to accompany your relaxing time anytime and anywhere with ease. In fact, some movie titles are called the best Netflix movies of all time that are always sought after. This world-famous platform provides the most complete films to drama series in very many updates.

What kind of film genre do you prefer? You can choose the best Netflix movie categories such as horror, action or action, romance, comedy, tragedy, about friendship or romance and many more. Want to know more specifically about the best Netflix movie titles that are recommended for you to watch which is fun and enjoyable? Well, let’s see the information on the list below.

Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Movies You Must Watch

1. Finding Ohana

The latest film with the title “Finding Ohana” is a film originating from America with the adventure genre. The story begins with a group of teenagers who start on a mission to find hidden treasure. Starting from brothers named Loane (Alex Aiono) and Pili (Kea Perahu) who were invited by their mother to go to their hometown, Hawaii.

In his village, Pili found a notebook on an old bus. The book is a book of a legendary sailor named Monks. Based on written records there are several treasure chests hidden on the island. With a hint of a gold locket and notebook they begin their story in the film.

2. Outside The Wire

The next best film on Netflix is ​​”Outside The Wire” which has been popular since its release this year. What is interesting is the story of this film itself focuses on efforts to maintain peace at a time when mercenaries from Russia intervene in the military. You can also watch the dystopia war involving robot technology in the future.

3. The Devil All The Time

The Devil All The Time is one of the best movie titles on Netflix. This film is actually based on a novel which carries the same title as the psychological thriller genre. When you watch it you can see a very very interesting storyline where there are difficult themes such as power, religion and also the cycle of violence.

It is even more interesting because this film itself has starred many popular and well-known artists, namely Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard, Sebastian Stan, Haley Bennet, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, Eliza Scanlen, Mia Masikowska and so on.

4. Enola Holmes

When you hear the term “Holmes”, you may immediately think of the figure of Sherlock Holmes who is a phenomenal clever detective. Well, Enola Holmes is the younger brother of Sherlock Holmes.

The story of Enola Holmes begins with the adventures he took to London to find his missing mother. Enola Holmes is a cunning figure, with this ingenuity makes the storyline very interesting and it is a pity to miss.

5. Extraction

The action film that is recommended as one of Netflix’s best films is the title “Extraction”. Did you know, this film has the main character played by Chris Hemsworth. So for you Chris Hemsworth fans, this film is a must-watch. Moreover, this film is very exciting starting from the story of tough mercenaries who try to stay alive when they are sent to Bangladesh.

6. Alive

Alive is the newest film title this year to be included in the list of the best movie titles that you can watch on Netflix. This horror film tells the story of a virus outbreak that can turn humans into zombies.

The story starts with a zombie rampage in a city and a man who can’t get out or is trapped in his apartment. It was even more astonishing that the man could not seek help out and was cut off from the digital world.

7. A Piece of A Woman

The next film recommendation that is a pity to miss is “A Piece of A Woman”. This film is a remake of the work of a writer who came from Hungary. If you like drama genre films, this is a great choice. This film tells the story of a husband and wife’s deep sorrow because their baby dies.

8. The White Tiger

The White Tiger is the latest film title this year which is recommended for you. This film tells the story of how a person can rise from poverty and become a successful entrepreneur. This film is from the country of India and is newest in 2021.

9. Geez & Ann

So, if the recommendation for the latest Indonesian film is Geez & Ann. This film carries a romantic genre between teenagers that is packed with a slightly unique love story. The love story between Geez and Ann was initially very beautiful, but it didn’t go smoothly because Geez had to move and study in Germany. Does their love last? Watch the full story on Netflix.

10. Us

Us film has just been released and can be watched in March this year. Serving the thriller genre can make watching your film very exciting. To be more precise, this film carries the theme of the term Doppelganger for people with the same face.

The story begins with the terror that occurred on the Santa Cruz beach. Many visitors who vacation to the beach include the Wilson family. On the beach many died as a result of the incident that occurred. What exactly is terror? try to see the story on Netflix.

This is an updated information that reviews the top 10 most popular Netflix films and you must watch them with friends and friends, family or even watch the cool ones yourself. Have you found the best Netflix movie recommendations that you are looking for? Let’s find out more updated information related to films and artists on

Watching movies on Netflix is ​​indeed the right solution for those of you who can’t go to the cinema. However, even though the atmosphere is not like in a cinema, watching Netflix on Netflix is ​​no less exciting. Many movie titles can be watched easily, so hopefully the recommendations for films that are worth watching above can be a suitable film reference for you. May be useful.