Meet my Movie

In this movie, An engaged couple decides to take the plunge: introduce him to her parents. So they go to spend the weekend with them. Without taking into account that the girl’s father is not only suspicious but is also. Unbeknownst to everyone, a former CIA agent. And as such, she will use every tool (including the lie detector) to corner her daughter’s would-be husband. A film that puts you in a good mood even just reading the cast. The gags of which the plot is crowded are really hilarious. Perfect for those who smell of orange blossom and want to laugh out loud at the misfortunes of others?

Yuppies, the successful youth

Willy, Giacomo, Lorenzo and Sandro are the four young players. They live in the golden eighties in Milan, amidst fun, hedonism and unbridled luxury. If for Hamlet the dilemma was “to be or not to be”, for them. There is no question: the important thing is not to be but to appear. A jewel of Italian comedy signed by Carlo Vanzina. That will make you laugh out loud in the company of the sacred monsters of the tricolour comic Olympus. Movies to see and review with your old friends. Perhaps the slightly preppy and middle-class ones with whom you spend your holidays in Santa Margherita and Cortina. But even with former judo buddies, it will go just fine.

Jackass – The Movie

The hilarious human circus led by Johnny Knoxville in the Jackass television program has been so successful that the madness of Steve O and the company migrated from the small to the big screen. Jackass – The Movie lets you live the crazy adventures of the crazy stunts. Making you giggle with laughter without even having time to recover between laughter and the next. This is the perfect vision for an evening with the wildest friends in your column. Only suitable for those who would never dare try to do what those crazy Steve-O & Company do on screen.

Fusi di testa

As the title says, two guys are, in a nutshell, broadcast a highly demented program directly from their garage. Their weird show is intercepted by a television executive who decides to hire them as hosts of a national broadcast. What happens next will give you belly cramps. From laughing. A perfect film for those who love crazy gags and metal hair. If you are a metalhead, vision is a must. This is also in entertainment movies.

Scary Movie

Like all scary movies, The first chapter of the very successful comic-horror epic concentrates on fun for those on Mars in recent decades. This is a parody film that pays homage to the most famous horror films by making the verse. However, the only verse you will emit will be that of resounding laughter that you will not be able to hold back. Suitable for those who are terrified of horror films but still want to keep up with the cinema’s most memorable scenes.

Dumb & Dumber

Two rather unusual and weird friends fall in love with the same girl. And pursue her in a vicious circle of bizarre adventures bordering on insane. This cult film is the title that consecrated Jim Carrey as King of Comedy with a capital C. To watch with your best friend, possibly dumber than you.

Love and Death

Movie love and death is a lesson and also fun. This movie has a lot of entertainment. In a scene, a man says that one I will be remembered in history. This scene gives so much entertainment to the audience. This joke belongs to Sidney Applebaum.

Mr Bean – The Last Catastrophe

The famous comedic-zany gags of the equally famous British actor Rowan Atkinson are condensed into a single feature movie. Ensuring audiences laugh they haven’t enjoyed since Benny Hill. This vision is perfect for those who love comedians of few words, but many laughs provoked. A film that can be enjoyed both alone and in the company.

Weekend with the dead

Always remaining in the panorama of the Eighties American comedy. This movie is also a cult that cannot miss in the video library of the lover of entertainment movies. Two young employees of an insurance company discover a scam and notify the boss. He invites them to join them in his beach house to learn more. But in reality, the boss will want to take them out since he has plotted the crime. Things will go wrong for him, and it will be the boss himself who will lose his skin. Hilarious will be the adventure on the beach of the two unsuspecting protagonists who will find themselves sharing an umbrella and pedal boat with a corpse. To die for with laughter, staying on the subject. Perfect for those who hate the boss and daydream about taking it out.

 Robin Hood – A Man in Tights

In thrill movies, comedy goes hand in hand with a name like Mel Brooks. The result can only be hilarious. And so it is: the legend of Robin Hood is reinterpreted in a comic-demented key. With brilliant tips in gags and sketches that will become catchphrases to think about in the dark moments to cheer you up. Perfect for anyone who loves Mel’s highly intelligent and edgy craziness (not Gibson).

Mom, I missed the plane.

It’s Christmas, and the McCallister family is ready to leave for the holidays. But once the plane takes off, the mother realizes she has forgotten something. Not the gas on, not even the iron attached or the door open, but the youngest child. So it will be that Kevin will find himself making the man of the house and more. Also, the guard dog will strive to chase away the two clumsy thieves who intend to rob his house—a classic of laughter to tears under the mistletoe.

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It is not like other movies. Borat is a television journalist from Kazakhstan sent to the United States to shoot a report on the largest country in the world. But the (extraordinary) special envoy is more interested in Pamela Anderson, whom he would like to find and marry. It is an absurd and one-of-a-kind film that will leave you speechless at the level of ingenious insanity it manages to touch. To watch only for those who love totally insane plots and without logical connections. Here the fil rouge is the most demented madness.