Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Streaming Service


Use the Subtitles

Who said you could not watch your favourite Streaming when you are under the blanket and your sibling is sleeping right beside you. Or even though you are in a library with no headphones, you still aren’t restricted to just study. YouTube TV allows you to turn on captions and subtitles during the streaming experience, so there is no missing on favourite shows because you forgot the earphones somewhere else.

Use the Dark Mode

It’s not safe to burn your eyes with the bright screen at night. Although you shouldn’t be using the phone under the covers, we all experience sleep elusiveness every once in a while. For those guilty pleasures and late-night streaming, make sure to use the dark mode. You can easily go to the settings and slide the toggle over to activate the dark mode.

Use Picture in Picture

We all cry about how YouTube doesn’t let us play our favourite songs or enjoy mesmerizing trailers while Instagramming. If you have been part of that sad crowd for a while now, it’s time you use the picture in picture feature. Picture in the picture allows you to stream any content in a small rectangle at the top of your screen. However, the only drawback of this feature is that it is not available to everyone. Only YouTube Premium members can use this service on android mobile devices.

Organize Your Recordings

You might have recorded tons of shows or sports events; we don’t judge! But sorting through multiple pre-recorded shows to find the one will waste your time. Imagine you are searching for a particular episode while your food gets cold on the table. Thanks to the option on Youtube where you can sort your recordings in various ways. Whether it is alphabetical orders, trending, or popularity.

Save Videos Online

We don’t have internet service available at all times. And especially when you are travelling, you cannot just spend the whole journey looking out of the window. If you struggle with long drives and the view outside isn’t pleasing at all, then you must have some of your favourite shows lined up. Thanks to the offline feature in most of the streaming services. You can save videos, movies, shows offline and stream them later on. Again this is the perk available to premium users only.

Share a Specific Part from a Video

We all are guilty of replying without watching a whole video. This happens especially when the video is too long or too tired to wait for it to end. But thanks to YouTube TV, you can share a link to play a video at a specific time. Yes, YouTube TV allows you to share something funny or amazing with your friends, and the link will directly take them to the exact moment you want them to see.

Customize Live Guide

This comes as an issue to most of the viewers, the YouTube Live guide has more than 70 wonderful channels, but they are not arranged in a certain way. Neither genre-wise nor in any other specific order. If you are fond of watching only the same old four to six live channels, you can customize them according to your priority list. All you need is to go to the settings and click on the live guide, then uncheck all the channels you don’t use frequently or don’t want to appear on the top of your watch list.


Don’t Just Look For a Cheap Price

Sure, that’s the major motivation behind cutting the cable and paying a fixed amount with no hidden charges for something better, but low price shouldn’t be your only motivation. Setting the bar too low will only cost you more later on. Ensure to opt for the price versus features comparison and choose the service that costs you the least with the maximum number of wonderful features.

Don’t Ignore the Coupons.

Great companies not only have affordable rates, but they always go the extra mile to make things affordable. The same is the case with some streaming platforms. There are many coupons, and discount offers released to help you subscribe without breaking your bank. You can use the YouTube TV promo code to save up on the YouTube subscription charges.

Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need.

The whole point of cutting the cable cord is to save money and get personalized services. While some people get rid of cable TV because it doesn’t provide them with an amazing streaming experience, many opt for other ways to prevent paying unnecessary cable charges. With streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO and YouTube Movie Coupon, you can control the expenses through various plans. This is why these channels offer multiple packages to pick the one that suits your needs.

Don’t Skip the Reviews.

No matter how promising a service sounds, you cannot just rely on the company’s promises. After all, this is the 21st century, and word of mouth is one of the most reliable ways to judge a product or a service. Ensure to check for customer reviews online before opting for a streaming service or even a particular package. Someone who has lived through the experience can help you give a clear idea.

Don’t Ignore the YouTube TV Mode.

When watching a movie or streaming any show on YouTube, don’t forget to use the YouTube TV mode. It will give you a larger display for the best movie streaming experience. Especially when you are watching a movie on your TV, the option to get a large screen will help you stream and enjoy content in better quality as well as an experience nearest to a real-life theatre.

Don’t Spoil Your Game.

You are gone love this feature; every sports fanatic does. YouTube TV allows you to hide the sports score on the pre-recorded matches. You can avoid your game from getting spoilt by hiding the result of the recorded matches. All you need is to navigate to your league info page, go to the settings, then click on ‘Hide all scores for this league’. The next time you watch a pre-recorded game, you can enjoy it as it is the first time it’s being streamed. Although stay away from the internet to avoid spoilers, YouTube doesn’t take responsibility for that.