Which Is Better For A Nursing Student? PTE, OET or IELTS?

This is a tricky issue to answer because each exam has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It also depends on their personal strengths and weaknesses. To begin, we must comprehend exam patterns, tasks, and how they are graded. Then, based on our strengths and weaknesses, determine which choice is the best to pursue.

Let us discuss all of the tests in order to gain a better grasp of them. All of the exams are focused at improving our language skills and paving the route for professional advancement. You can find classes by searching IELTS classes near me.

Comprehensive skills are very significant in all of the assessments, and the four components of fluency are also assessed. Because of their popularity, ILETS and PTE are more popular among students. IELTS is accepted worldwide for study or immigration, whereas PTE and OET are only accepted in a few countries.

For example, OET is accepted in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, whereas PTE is accepted in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. You can find the best visa consultant after looking for them on the internet.

If you are a nursing student, the OET is more likely to be required because the OET is specifically developed for caring professionals and the program is related to your field, making it easier to answer. You can also visit the best education consultant in Gujarat to help you make a better choice.

IELTS and PTE are much less similar examinations than OET, which is only for health professionals. Instead of grading that check, value the country you want to relocate to and the check they want the candidates to appear.


The PTE test’s overall score is calculated using your communication skill scores from all four sections: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. This means it will assess your performance in several areas. It also employs a t scaling system with a range of 10-90 points. You can go to PTE coaching in Gujarat for a better score in the Exam.

The particular section’s communicative abilities offer you a score based on the unique activity that assesses the skills. It might be a single talent or a collection of skills. Individual communicative skills range from 10-90 points, similar to overall scoring. It examines the enabling abilities in addition to the content scores. Grammar, fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse are the enabling skills. Every assignment in the PTE will evaluate an individual’s or a group’s abilities.


Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening are the four components of the ILETS exam. The band scores for each component will range from 1 to 9, and the table below will show us what level of language we are at based on ILETS grading. IELTS scoring is not tough, although it is dependent on the test taker’s language competence.

However, if you are directed by the appropriate methods and recommendations from the trainers or institution, your life will be made easier and you will be able to obtain your score in a short period of time. Self-preparation can also lead to success, but it requires careful planning, comprehension, a high level of practice, and the right tools. Visit the IELTS study in Gujarat to enhance your score.


The advantage the OET has over others is that most of the tasks can be completed if you have very good subject knowledge and vocabulary related to that. The OET is specifically designed for health professionals who wish to register in studies such as Nursing. The advantage the OET has over others is that most of the tasks can be completed if you have very good subject knowledge and vocabulary related to that. Go to the study abroad classes in Gujarat to get a better idea of OET and related exams.


The reason why most students prefer PTE or IELTS to OET is simple: PTE and IELTS are more familiar, there is more material available, and it is less expensive. Aside from medical vocabulary and professional development, PTE and ILETS are popular because of their high success rate.

If you are a nursing student, the OET is a better choice because it is intended specifically for healthcare workers, and the syllabus will be relevant to your field, making it easier for you to answer.