Top 6 Best Calculator Apps To Download On Windows 10

If you’re looking for a Calculator app to help you with your day to day work, this article brings you the 6 best apps from the Microsoft Store to use on Windows 10.

Along with Windows 10 updates, Microsoft has added new versions of its apps and services. One of the very nice updates is the Calculator app.

Windows users had to rely on poorly designed apps with awful user interfaces rife with ads. Of course, Microsoft is moving ads to global search.

Now there are much better alternatives, as well as a dedicated Calculator app that looks good. But for those who still want to try some third-party calculator apps on Windows 10, here are some calculator apps they can try.

Everyone loved the old desktop calculator that was in all previous versions of Windows, and since it will never come back, we will have to turn to applications to help us with the various calculations we need to do.

Of course, these are simple calculators, unlike other types you can find in the Store, which allow users to plot graphs and have other specialized functions.

The Top 6 Best Calculator Apps to Download on Windows 10 Are:

1. Calculator-app

The default calculator app that ships with Windows 10 are one of the best you can wish for. This user interface is very simple and beautiful.

Switching between the three supported functions (Standard, Scientific and Converter) is done from a single window, and for most users, this application will provide all the support you need.

The buttons are quite large, easy to tap or press, and as an extra feature for computer users, they can use the numeric keys to enter numbers.

2. Calc Pro HD

Calc Pro HD is one of the best alternatives to the standard Windows calculator that you can find in the Store. In fact, it has even more features and capabilities.

There is a free and a paid version that will set you back $ 7.99, and it has a standard calculator and a financial calculator, each containing 10 calculator sheets.

First of all, Calc Pro HD has full Cortana integration. This means that you can actually dictate computation to your virtual assistant and you will get the result right away.

Apart from all the basic math functions, Calc Pro HD also has some advanced features, so it is a good choice for students of all ages and educational levels.

3. Calculator X8

We reviewed Calculator X8 earlier and found it to be a great app for your Windows 10 PC.

While it doesn’t offer users any other features other than a simple scientific calculator with the most commonly used functions, it has a gorgeous, minimalistic user interface.

This app is ideal for those who only use Windows 10 Calculator occasionally and for simple calculations.

The user interface is ideal for touchscreen devices as the buttons are quite large, making it nearly impossible to make a typo.

4. Super calculator

Another calculator app for Windows 10 that gives users the ability to perform lengthy and tedious scientific calculations is Super Calculator.

Although this tool only has a scientific calculator, it is very well designed and users can quickly access all the functions they need.

Its display is almost the same as a real scientific calculator, where users can add fractions and other functions into one long equation.

In this respect, it will be very useful for engineering students and other professionals who need to write long and complex equations.

5. Calculator²

This app is one of the most sophisticated calculator apps for Windows 10 you can use.

It allows users to enter values ​​from the keyboard, and inside the application, they can find mathematical and physical constants, over 50 scientific functions, almost all types of units to convert, and much more.

Calculator² provides its users with a basic calculator, scientific, programmer, currency and unit converter, ensuring that all possible calculations that any user can do can be performed using this application.

6.HP Prime Pro

HP Prime Pro is a sophisticated graphical calculator best suited for students and others using advanced features.

While it’s a very complex app with tons of features and customization options, the HP Prime Pro isn’t cheap at $ 19.99, but if you want an advanced calculator it’s worth every penny.

Designed with the same layout and features as the college council, HP Prime Pro brings flexible functionality everywhere as it has a mobile version.

The app combines excellent graphics, length and field conversion, pinch zoom and multitouch, 3D graphics. and a full-featured programming language, including custom functions and reassignable keys.

It also has the HP Prime Explorer feature, which allows the user to discover multiple feature families, and the Computer Algebra System (CAS).

The app is constantly being developed and updated by HP and is highly customizable.

With these calculators for Windows 10, you can do any kind of calculation with ease. They offer all the tools you might need, and they are all wrapped up in a very nice user interface.