Qualities of a Defence Personnel

Service member’s personality attributes and behaviours vary significantly from those of ordinary civilians. We’ve all had times in our lives where our gut instincts told us that those people had to be from the Indian Defence forces. What did our sixth sense pick up on? The answer is unambiguous.

Service members have a unique set of mannerisms, attitudes, characteristics and opinions that set them apart from the rest of the population. Defence personnel go through tough training sessions that help them grow into a determined and disciplined individual. Their extraordinary dedication to the country has helped them deter the most noxious hostility. 

The budding youth of India is jingoistic and aims to become a part of the Indian Defence forces. Selection to the defence forces starts by qualifying exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. Those who aim to enter the Defence forces right after clearing their higher secondary school can appear for the NDA exam. If anyone needs splendid guidance while preparing for the exam, they can connect with the Best NDA coaching centre in Chandigarh

So, let us discuss characteristics and personality attributes that need to be built by a defence aspirant: 

Before joining the defence forces, candidates should be well versed with qualities they need to cultivate for becoming defence personnel.

  • Discipline

For both commissioned and enlisted troops, warfare is unpredictable and a major source of stress. Officers must be particularly capable of maintaining their composure in these situations and practice extreme self-discipline in the face of risk. As a commander, an officer who lacks the self-control to remain calm in combat risks endangering his subordinates and inciting fear within the ranks. Adhering to specific laws and orders is also an important feature of a military personality.

  • High intelligence and intellect

Since officers are given a heavy amount of responsibility in planning and conducting operations, the defence forces expect their officers to provide above-average intelligence. In defence forces, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving abilities are important. Thus, a top defence official must exhibit these characteristics.

Many Indian Air force officers have overcome the deadliest antagonism with their intellect. So, if you are aiming to become an air force officer trying to build innovative and problem-solving skills besides preparing for the AFCAT exam. In case you feel the need for proper conditioning while preparing for the exam, link with a brilliant institute that caters for the Best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. 

  • Directness

The leaders of Indian Defence forces are supposed to teach the new soldiers how to communicate easily, effectively and without ambiguity during their first days of training. The service member can appear brusque and rude to those who are unfamiliar with this form of communication. For those that don’t know, it’s a smart way to finish things on time.

  • Confidence

The defence officials have a confident and poised demeanour. A confident soldier, sailor and airmen can be easily recognized by their purposeful and fast walk, eye contact with strangers and the way they keep their heads high. The army demands its officer to be able to make the right decisions in a variety of situations. This ability is linked to a belief that army officers have strong problem-solving abilities and intellect.

  • Physical Fitness

The Defence forces need their officers to maintain mental as well as physical fitness. Military service places troops under a lot of physical and emotional strain and the army wants its officers to be physically fit enough to cope up with exhaustion and fatigue. Sound physical health can aid in making worthy decisions even in times of stress or exertion.

Physical fitness is a must if you are going to appear for defence exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. If you are preparing for the NDA exam, make an effective time table that includes time for exercise along with studying for the written exam. While preparing for the NDA exam, if anyone seeks proper training then they can approach the Best NDA coaching centre in Chandigarh.

  • Loyalty, Courage and integrity

Being courageous is one of the top defence personnel’s most prominent qualities. The defence officer, without a doubt, is supposed to have courage. In addition to being brave and courageous, defence personnel should be truthful with team members and treat all of them with honesty to gain their confidence and get things done from them.

  • A productive team leader

Anything in the military is a team effort. Choosing the appropriate people to join the team makes a significant difference in creating superior quality teamwork. Winning teams are formed by making correct choices. Thus, a defence officer should be an excellent judge of a human character. After the selection of the best candidates for the job, the officer plays a significant role by becoming an effective team member and establishes a supportive atmosphere.

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Qualities of defence personnel are embellished above. Every defence aspirant should try to build the afore-mentioned qualities if they aim to deliver their selfless services to the motherland.