Is Getting a CCNA Certification Worth It?

If we talk about booming technologies and their certification courses, then there’s a plethora of options like Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, among others. All these technologies are more about operations, but if we talk about storage and retrieval, then cloud technologies are yet to face competition as the need for solid networks is inevitable.

The past decades have witnessed a gradual shift by IT majors to the cloud network, which has led to the skyrocketing of cloud and virtualization technologies. However, many IT professionals and IT students frequently ask questions like- is it crucial to get a CCNA certification

Their doubt is not irrelevant as they feel that the IT sector is not short of cloud specialists. Hence, in the following article, we will discuss the relevance of CISCO CCNA certification in the present and near future.

Need For Cloud Technology Training

Networking is an industry that is exceptionally shielded from the effects of the recession, and CISCO certifications serve as a gateway to the networking companies. Since its introduction in 1998, CCNA has come a long way, and it keeps updating its syllabus with changing trends in cloud technology. CCNA plays a significant role in preparing and training professionals for a career in IT cloud networking. 

If we take the latest CCNA certification exam, i.e., CCNA 200-301, there have been significant updates in the syllabus. CISCO has added additional topics regarding network automation, wireless communication, and network security in the curriculum. 

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The updated syllabus ensures that the professionals undertaking CCNA courses online are well prepared for the changing job roles and increased requirements in the IT landscape.

A CCNA training also ensures that the hiring managers will put your resume in a separate list, i.e., those whose skill sets don’t need a detailed validation. The training certificate is sufficient to prove the same. 

It is a well-known fact that a CISCO CCNA certification is valid for three years from the date you earn it. You also get an option to renew the same by giving the exam again or taking another professional certification by CISCO, such as CCNP. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the reasons, which make CISCO certifications relevant even today.

Reasons For Getting A CISCO CCNA Certification

  • Validates The Proficiency Of A Candidate

As an employer comes across the CCNA badge on your profile, they realize that you are among the candidates who are serious regarding their technical skills and are not all about your academic grades and projects. 

Moreover, a student or a professional who has paid CCNA course fees for learning is undoubtedly sincere and dedicated towards their professional career in the IT arena.

  • Allows You To Become A Part Of A Unique Learning Network

During your CCNA certification training, you get much-required exposure to a pool of professionals with varied skills and experiences. Their mutual sharing helps you in taking decisions regarding building your career path. You also get the chance to get all your doubts addressed in a detailed manner.

  • Upskill For Greater Learning

Most professionals bear the CCNA certification cost, primarily to add a star to their profile, but there’s more than that with this training. The most important thing associated with CCNA training is learning and enhancing skill-sets, which further help handle real-life projects in the industry.

  • Recognition 

The CCNA certifications are globally recognized across various IT giants. All the companies that use the CISCO products provide a head start to the professionals who sport a CISCO certified badge. 

To get a “special” preference, choose your training wisely, and CISCO CCNA certifications are a better choice for beginners and old players in the industry.


The difference between pdf-based learning and module-based training reflects when you start working on a project which has a demand for those skills. When we talk about cloud-based networking, many little tips and tricks help you advance to a professional level from a novice one. 

All in all, one can comfortably say that CCNA certifications are entirely worth it, and they are here to stay for at least another decade. If you’re looking for an IT training institute, Koenig Solutions is the golden key that will unlock all the golden opportunities for you ahead!

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