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The History Of Physical Therapy Overview

We have put together this information to provide you with resources about Physical Therapy. The physical therapist and physical therapist assistant shall follow the existing standards of exercise and code of morals as adopted by the Board. After being accepted into the Physical Therapist Assistant program, students required to complete a year of professional courses including; Patient Care Fundamentals, Movement Science, Physical Agents Massage, Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy, Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, and several other classroom lecture courses.

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The History Of Physical Therapy

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  1. A physical therapist assistant or student physical therapist assistant shall not perform sharps debridement.
  2. Documentation by a student physical therapist assistant shall be authenticated by the student and by a supervising physical therapist or supervising physical therapist assistant.
  3. There are hundreds of thousands of physical therapist assistant jobs available in the United States alone, so it is a position where you could potentially find work rather quickly.
  4. A physical therapist assistant is responsible for helping the actual physical therapist in day to day duties, including rehabilitating the patient, keeping track of things, managing patients, and make sure records are ready and on file.
  5. Let’s look at all of the top physical therapist assistant programs where you can learn how to be an occupational therapist.
  6. The dependent variable will be the preparedness of the physical therapist assistant as it relates to in functional mobility skills, patient education, exercise program management, documentation, and overall problem solving and critical thinking, the independent variables.


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  1. A physical therapist shall not delegate the development of the plan of care to a physical therapist assistant or an aide.
  2. Concerning educational requirements for physical therapists, the regulations need to be updated and refined.
  3. It shall be the sole responsibility of the physical therapist assistant to obtain documentation, or any other words, letters, abbreviations, symbols, or sign tending to indicate or imply that the person constitutes physical therapy, unless such person possesses a current license or temporary permit duly issued by the Board.
  4. The Physical Therapist Assistant program will facilitate your learning of physical modalities such as heat, ices, ultrasound, traction, massage, and more to decrease pain and increase mobility.

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