Examination Phobia Cure Tips

Examinations are the main causes of stress. It is only due to test stress that many students commit suicide. Examination dread and examination anxiety are frequent among students of all ages. Some people can treat fear of examination and stress.

Some suffer from test stress, succumb to despair, do awful tests or even take drastic steps. The AMC examination is considered one of the most stressful

Many people find that the tension before examinations is frequently harder than the test itself, and it may be much worse if elder brothers or sisters are doing well already and have the feeling that they must meet their standards.

Reduce Your Stress

Create and stick to a reasonable revision schedule. Before the tests start, begin to plan them thoroughly. Don’t let the final minute of revision go. Make short notes, notes, and essays of your books that make it simpler to assimilate them fast, particularly when you have no problem or like this.

Add titles and subheadings, or use graphic cards, key phrases, or charts to emphasize them, regardless of what works for you. Develop the revision schedule which is ideal for you. If you can focus well in the morning, do most of your studies before lunch and not late in the evening if you can’t focus. If you can study in the evening, then you should study later in the morning.

Early Revision

Do not maintain the 16th-hour revision. Exams like Australian medical council exams need a proper preparation technique. Two days before the test, it is suggested that a review commence, and one night before the exam, it is recommended that the students rest and attempt to meditate to maintain calm.

They are regularly compared to others by society and parents when it comes to Indian pupils. It is crucial to recognize that each person is different and that their personal schedule or study hours should be kept in mind.

It’s always smart to plan things. The best approach to learn the topic during the test period is via flow diagrams, graphs, and images. It enables you to comprehend the topic and also has been remembered for years.

Reduce Your Anxiety

When the examination eventually comes, it is too late to worry about your sufficient review. It would help if you kept your coolness on the date of the test. Here are some further professional tips. Have a good morning, have a good breakfast.

Hunger may be a distraction during a test, particularly if you are worried about your focus. Check the examination information and make sure you know when and where the examination is taking place! Take time to get there and soothe your nerves. Just rushing adds to the frantic sense.

Talk to other students before the test to determine whether this helps establish trust, but if it only nervously strengthens you, try and get a quiet spot. Before the exam begins, go to the restroom. Take your time to study the directions and questions properly.

Many pupils do not do well since the questions are incorrectly answered or misinterpreted. Work out how long you must reply and try to stick to each question. Take a look at how long you will spend on various portions. Follow the directions.

Writing Tips

Parents and instructors have an obligation to mention children about writing readily. Often children do not pay attention to writing under examination pressure and strive to finish work on time.

Therefore, in the school classroom and home, it is advisable to practice mockery to enhance abilities in time management.

This is connected to the above. Use of the highlighter enables the examiner to comprehend and provide a favourable impression of your mastery of the topic. In addition, you recall significant features of the subject using a highlight throughout the examination preparation.

Take note of relevant dates, events, individuals, and occurrences in preparation or revision of the chapter. They are quite beneficial in organizing your final review and the examination room; they help make your responses content-rich.


We hope with the above tips you can relax. If you feel worried and panicky—take deep breaths, inhale slowly; that’s going to assist calm yourself. After your tests, don’t crib. Just try all the questions. Pat yourself.

What do you do to cheer yourself during exams? Do share with us in the comment section.