7 Top Universities for Post-Graduation in Germany

Are you searching for better education even after staying in the UK? Every year, ample students from the UK, used to visit German University for post-graduation.

For a long, Germany is known to be the hub of education, culture, and creativity. When it comes to being the question of searching top universities, the name of Germany comes under the priority list. A recent report shows that among 1029 top universities, 46 of them located in Germany. Moreover, there are 12 German universities, which ranked a good number in the worldwide apex university list.

Apart from acquiring knowledge, the goal of choosing quality education is nothing but securing the best future. So, while you are in the UK then choosing a German university will be exactly the right choice for you. The specially designed academic courses always encourage a student to explore new possibilities.

In this way, from the very initial stage, a student becomes future-ready by not depending upon a job.

Let’s take a look at the top universities in Germany.

  1. The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich –

If you put down the name of this university in any search engine, you can easily find out positive reviews about this institution. As per the statistical survey of 2021, this university secured 63rd position in the whole world.

Established in 1472, this educational organization is still in focus and known as one of the best hubs for acquiring knowledge. 15% of its total students are identified as overseas scholars. This university has the record of contributing 42 Nobel Laureates in history.

  1. The Technical University of Munich –

The Technical University of Munich was established in 1968 and till now it topped the list of best German universities. In terms of reputed employment or serving knowledge this university secured 50th position all over the world and also ranked 17th for securing the future of ample students in 2021. Students of these universities are believed to enhance the worth of society.

  1. Heidelberg University –

Established in 1386, Heidelberg University is also known as Ruperto Carola. This educational institution is one of the oldest universities in Germany. While it ranked 64th in worldwide top universities, within the country it secured 3rd position. It is famous for its punctual professors and earned a reputation for making its students future-ready.

  1. The Humboldt University of Berlin –

Within the country, Humboldt University secured 4th position whereas, among worldwide top universities, it secured the position 117 in 2021. Established in 1810, this university is situated in Berlin. Because of his long reputation, “Mother of all Universities” has been entitled to it. Albert Einstein was a professor of this university which enhances the glory of this institution more.

This educational institution is best for studying science and technology. Talking about Nobel Laureates, it has the record of contributing 55 students in history.

  1. Freie University of Berlin –

Earning pride for providing quality education in the field of science and technology this university comes within 5 top universities of Germany. On the other, it secured the position 130th in the world’s top universities.

By securing the future of ample students, it earned fame and promised to contribute more to upgrade the technological sector of Germany. The number of overseas students is increasing day by day which increases the popularity of this university to great extent.

  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology –

Aimed to contribute to several global challenges this university continues to work on the advancement of science and technology. Students here can find out the perfect atmosphere for research and development. In terms of employment, the students of KIT come first in the row.

It happens because here the mode of study is more research-oriented than only reading and writing. Here the students have the scope to innovate new ideas and free to discuss with their professors. Ranked 131st in the world’s top university, it never ceased its effort to contribute to strengthening the pillar of education.

  1. The Dresden University of Technology –

If you are searching for the best institution to study technology then Dresden University of technology should be included in your check-in list. Situated at the pivot of Dresden city, this organization served over 33000 students till now.

The number of overseas students is also large. Moreover, this university has ranked 173rd in the worldwide top university list. So if you wish to feel the true essence of technological study then this university will be a perfect pick for you.

Bottom Line

It has also been observed that students are treated equally in German universities irrespective of their caste, religion, race, and family background. Orphans, loans, and unfathered students also find their place in these universities, and by acquiring the knowledge they secure a wonderful future.

One of the primary reasons for such extensive popularity of German universities is their ease of study. Students, with good merit, who are unable to cope up with the expense of study can easily get financial help either from university or from direct lenders of the UK. This type of needy students can easily find out lenders, who provide educational loans. But in the case of orphans, they can get installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only.

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