7 Common Mistakes to Avoid In IELTS Writing to score 8+ band

Do you know the IELTS writing section is a vital part of the test? Most of the test-givers were not able to score expected band scores due to their common mistakes. The reason is simple because they do such flaws unknowingly. The IELTS test is a legitimate certificate that tells a foreign country that your English understanding is up-to-the-mark and now you are fully prepared to do a job or study in their land. 

Working or studying in your dream country can be the dream of yours or your parents. Apart from preparing topics, there is a need to do smart study and overcoming the common mistakes is an integral part of the smart study. 

Here is the list of common mistakes every IELTS candidate should avoid in the IELTS writing test: 

Today, you are going to encounter these mistakes that can affect your writing style. Do you have another query related to IELTS? It would be best to link with the Best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar

  • Writing more casual words 

Are you in the habit of writing casual words or sentences? It is fine if you are writing informal letters or semi-formal letters in the IELTS general module. On the contrary, the Academic version wouldn’t permit a student to use the casual tone of writing. So, it is better to avoid writing words like “Am I right?” What more do you want? Use an appropriate style of writing, high-quality vocabulary, formal tone, the average length of sentences, correct spellings, and right grammar to gain excellent scores in the writing test.

  • Extending word limit in Ielts Writing

You need to complete your writing task within the given word limit. If you are asked to write within 250 to 150 words, maintain it strictly. Write to the point answers and it should be understandable. Your overall point of the essay must represent a clear picture. If an examiner finds out you have written the memorized content and your content unjustified the question or opinion, you will surely get fewer marks.

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An examiner does not get extra time to read your sheet over and over again. Your scores will be deducted for coherence. Invest your time in practicing essay writing and learn how best you can maintain the correct word limit within a stipulated time.

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  • Copy of essay question 

Most of the students make such a big mistake by copying the essay question as it is written in the introduction. This is the beginning part and you have to rewrite it in your own words. When you write the content from the question in a similar way, these words will not be counted by the words and you will lose your marks. Thus, it is mandatory to paraphrase these words.

  • Overdose of connecting words 

“Coherence and Cohesion” is an essential section for marking criteria. However, it should be limited. Some students overuse connectives which ultimately makes writing complicated. Keep it to a minimum or average. Otherwise, that will be the reason for the reduction of your band scores.

The IELTS writing section is the vital segment of the test. To get a high ranking in the test, you need to give more attention to it. It is the main where you can display how well you are aware of grammar, vocab, writing style, tone, etc. Thus, put more strain on it. If you want to get a special kind of assistance or have any query related to IELTS or world education or others, get in touch with the Best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar. 

  • Skipping conclusion section

The conclusion is considered as the “TASK RESPONSE” in the essay. It is a simple mistake of the students to elaborate everything in detail stating all the ideas, facts, figures, and examples in the body paragraph and not writing the conclusion in the essay. The conclusion is where you have to present your logical views and give the final justification.

  • Missing supporting examples 

An example is a vital element in the essay segment. It doesn’t matter how many ideas you are sharing the body part but it must be followed by suitable examples. You are freely allowed to write the examples from your personal experience but make sure the content style should be informal tone.

  • Inappropriate punctuation and spelling 

Make sure to insert the written punctuation marks. The spelling should be correct. Students often make mistakes in spelling and punctuation. They write the correct answers but they get fewer marks due to spelling mistakes.

Develop your writing skills by practicing regularly by keeping the above things in mind. In case you have any further inquiries related to the IELTS or need counseling, do connect with IELTS coaching in Ludhiana. 


Lastly, we would like to let you know that writing is not limited to only the writing section of the IELTS test. Even the reading section also includes the writing part. Therefore, practice as much as you can do. Analyze where you are wrong.

Do one thing! At the end of the day, take your writing test, underline your mistakes and correct it until you become accurate. Never be in a hurry in giving the test. It always takes more time to produce an excellent piece of work. Follow the above tips and get ready to achieve 7+ or 8+ band scores in IELTS.

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