Understanding a dedicated server and types of dedicated servers

Online business presence is gaining its area day by day. It has become a necessity of today’s business world to own their websites.

A website represents a business entity and its workings and works to improve brand awareness.

The matter of fact is that only a few people know about the working of a website and what things are necessary to run a website. Generally, you need a hosting platform to make your website live on the internet.

Hosting providers offer a wide variety of hosting services to choose from. One of the most popular hosting is dedicated server hosting. A dedicated server has multiple uses and not only for websites it has uses in email, gaming, and much more.

Dedicated Server

The reason behind its popularity is a dedicated server owner enjoys full control over its server resources like CPU, storage, bandwidth, etc.

This means, unlike shared hosting you need not share any of your resources with anyone. A dedicated server is entirely owned by one website and has the potential to cater to all your website needs.

This server is best in providing speed, reliability, and security. As you have full control of your server you can configure it according to your website needs.

In Short, A dedicated server is a computer that hosts a website.

The owner of a dedicated server does not share the server’s resources with other users and has exclusive use of the resources like CPU, storage, Bandwidth network, and more.

Types Of Dedicated server

Types of Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is mostly of 2 types managed and unmanaged. When we talk about managed dedicated server these services come with the technical assistance by your hosting providers.

They may help you in solving the technical issues faced by your websites such as downtime and other major issues. They are completely responsible for performing operations like monitoring and configuring etc.

On contrary, unmanaged dedicated servers are wholly managed by the owner of a particular server. Hence no hosting provider will be available when your site faces some technical issues.

Managing an unmanaged dedicated server requires a high level of technical knowledge. But this gives you the freedom to get a high level of customizing authority so that you can build your server according to your needs.

Here you can download a market panel from the available market to manage your server. The pricing of unmanaged servers is generally low as compared to the managed dedicated server.

Moreover, you can get into the types of a dedicated servers according to your needs and categories. In this blog, we will look into some of the categories to make them clearer. Let’s dig in:-

Website Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are most commonly used for launching a website on the internet. Website owners generally prefer a dedicated server because it provides higher uptimes by which your website never goes down and keeps running without any interruptions.

Not only this you get a high-performance guarantee because all the resources are in your control and not shared by others hence it results in faster loading times providing a high-quality user experience.

Email Dedicated Servers 

The second most use of a dedicated server is email hosting. Emails are the most formal communication of a business enterprise and that’s the reason it is becoming highly demanded application. A dedicated server provides high security on the internal as well as external modes of business communication. This security helps in sharing confidential files and data over mails.

Gaming Dedicated Servers

A high-quality user experience is necessary to enjoy the best-in-class gaming experience any interruption in the game might hamper its uniqueness. Gaming application needs high loading capacities and high power to run these applications.

Therefore, to run the gaming application smoothly dedicated servers are best in terms of turning the gaming experience into the next level.

Forex Trading Dedicated Servers 

Foreign exchange is termed as Forex. These types of servers are good for the users who are having an interest in Forex trading in the global economic market.

The best use of a dedicated server in the Forex trading activity is to make sure that all the activities or transactions are in control with full-proof security provided by the dedicated servers. You can also customize your server according to the Forex applications.

Why go with a Dedicated Server?

The question comes that why you should go with a dedicated server. A dedicated server provides you a high rate of power, control, and security.

This is best in performance as you need not share any server resources. Here are some reasons why people choose a dedicated server rather than going for other hosting solutions.

High Security

Security is the topmost essential element that should be given extra care. Data is the most important asset for the company.

Unlike shared hosting where resources are shared and there is a major threat of data breach and other security dedicated server hosting are much more.

Managed Traffic

Dedicated servers are the best choice for websites getting a high rate of traffic. Other hosting solutions like VPS and shared hosting may result in lower performance for the websites providing no quality user experience.

A dedicated server is capable of running high-traffic websites and handles the load easily.

Higher Performance and Loading Time

A fast loading time of a website results in high performance and attracts more traffic. In case if your website is lacking any suitable website loading speed it may result in adverse effects.

A good loading website generally takes a maximum of two to three minutes to load. More loading times of a website may divert your visitor to another similar website hence it will result in loss of business. To prevent this, you should definitely for dedicated servers.


In conclusion, we hope you are now clear with the basic understanding of what a dedicated server is and its types available to cater to your all-technological needs.

You can choose a dedicated server if you want a high level of control, performance, reliability, and security. It can be the right choice for the high demanding websites which get high traffic.