Understanding A Dedicated Server And Types Of Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a computer that is not shared by many others; rather, it’s always allocated for one customer. They are more expensive than virtual servers but the benefits of having direct use of all resources make them worth it if you need powerful performance.

A hosting company may charge more for a dedicated server, but this type of hosting gives customers full control over their resources and software updates.

A private cloud, on the other hand, is only available on virtual dedicated services, giving users isolated storage based on user-defined service levels that are not tied to specific hardware or locations.

A private cloud can be defined by a single virtual machine or a cluster of virtual machines that share networking and storage resources.

What are the types of dedicated servers?

There are three main types of a dedicated servers: unmanaged, managed, and virtual. These closely resemble the choices you have with popular shared platforms such as cPanel or Plesk but also allow much greater flexibility in terms of size and configuration.

Unmanaged servers

these are commonly referred to as “dumb” servers. They require the user to perform many of the tasks that would normally be handled by a hosting provider, such as software upgrades, server administration, and maintenance. This is typically done through shell (SSH) access using command-line tools.

Managed servers

These are still considered dedicated servers, but the host will handle most of the administration. They’ll usually offer a custom control panel that allows you to configure various options and monitor usage, update software, etc.

Virtual servers

These are offered by several popular hosting providers. The user is presented with a fully-virtualized environment in which to deploy their applications. They can access a virtual server using a specific IP address from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Website Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are most commonly used for launching a website on the internet. Website owners generally prefer a dedicated server because it provides higher uptimes by which your website never goes down and keeps running without any interruptions.

Not only this you get a high-performance guarantee because all the resources are in your control and not shared by others hence it results in faster loading times providing a high-quality user experience.

Email Dedicated Servers 

The second most use of a dedicated server is email hosting. Emails are the most formal communication of a business enterprise and that’s the reason it is becoming a highly demanded application. A dedicated server provides high security on the internal as well as external modes of business communication. This security helps in sharing confidential files and data over mails.

Gaming Dedicated Servers

A high-quality user experience is necessary to enjoy the best-in-class gaming experience any interruption in the game might hamper its uniqueness. Gaming application needs high loading capacities and high power to run these applications.

Therefore, to run the gaming application smoothly dedicated servers are best in terms of turning the gaming experience into the next level.

Forex Trading Dedicated Servers 

Foreign exchange is termed as Forex. These types of servers are good for the users who are having an interest in Forex trading in the global economic market.

The best use of a dedicated server in the Forex trading activity is to make sure that all the activities or transactions are in control with full-proof security provided by the dedicated servers. You can also customize your server according to the Forex applications.

Who uses dedicated hosting?

Dedicated servers are ideal for those who require high levels of control or customization on their hosting platform, as well as those with high bandwidth demands.

Certain software and websites might be poorly served by shared hosting – virtual private servers or managed hosting might come into play here.

Services offered on dedicated servers

Dedicated machines can be used for a wide range of applications, from gaming to web hosting. They’re commonly used for websites that have a large number of visitors, as well as email server deployment. Dedicated hosting is also commonly used by developers looking to test server deployments.

Virtualization for dedicated servers

An increasing number of hosting providers are now offering virtual dedicated servers, which combine the benefits of a dedicated machine with a fractional approach to resource usage. This allows companies to scale up and down their allocations as required, hence removing the need for over-provisioning. Virtual private servers and managed dedicated servers are also popular in this respect.

How does a server differ from a typical pc?

The computer architecture is very different in a server. A typical PC has an Intel or AMD processor and RAM (random access memory) drives, but servers use what is called a “parallel processing architecture.”

This system uses many nodes linked together to process information. Each node comprises one or more chips with high-performance GPUs (graphics processing units). The CPUs and the GPUs work together to accelerate the computation and graphics rendering processes in parallel.

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GPU acceleration programs can dramatically improve computer performance for any number of applications that require lots of graphic modeling abilities. Because of the parallel processing architecture, servers don’t need as much RAM as a typical PC. But they do need more CPU cores and fast hard drives for storage.

What is the difference between a server and a PC?

A dedicated server often has better value than an equivalent PC because hosting providers strip out everything that is not needed to run the server. For example, typically a PC has an Operating System (e.g. Windows or Linux), while a server does not need this because it is meant to be dedicated to one purpose only. And often the RAM and CPUs are faster than in the equivalent desktop machine that you would buy yourself.

What problems come with using shared hosting?

Shared hosting is cheaper for a reason. The server you are renting on a shared platform will be oversubscribed, which means that your websites will be sharing the same resources as other sites on the server. If your site goes down, it could mean that another site on the same server has gone down and so you’ll have to contact your host to resolve it.

What is the difference between a dedicated server and cloud hosting?

They are very similar because they both provide you with your own virtualized environment in which to deploy applications. The primary differences are that cloud hosting often provides much higher levels of automation, allowing you to provision resources without having to wait for an administrator, while dedicated hosting is often used for applications that require higher levels of security or where the availability of resources needs to be guaranteed.

Is dedicated hosting the same as managed hosting?

Managed dedicated servers and unmanaged servers are very similar, but there are some key differences between them:

• Dedicated: Your server is 100% dedicated to you, which means it runs only the operating system and applications you need. You are responsible for managing your server environment.

• Managed: The hosting provider manages the physical machine that hosts your content and application stack. This includes hard drive configuration, Operating System updates, patches and security updates, etc.

How much does dedicated hosting cost?

It can be difficult to determine the cost of dedicated hosting, as it varies depending on the provider and the specifications of the plan. Generally, however, prices for dedicated hosting start at around $50 per month.

Why go with a Dedicated Server?

The question comes that why you should go with a dedicated server. A dedicated server provides you with a high rate of power, control, and security.

This is best in performance as you need not share any server resources. Here are some reasons why people choose a dedicated server rather than going for other hosting solutions.

High Security

Security is the topmost essential element that should be given extra care. Data is the most important asset for the company.

Unlike shared hosting where resources are shared and there is a major threat of data breach and other security dedicated server hosting are much more.

Managed Traffic

Dedicated servers are the best choice for websites getting a high rate of traffic. Other hosting solutions like VPS and shared hosting may result in lower performance for the websites providing no quality user experience.

A dedicated server is capable of running high-traffic websites and handles the load easily.

Higher Performance and Loading Time

A fast loading time of a website results in high performance and attracts more traffic. In case if your website is lacking any suitable website loading speed it may result in adverse effects.

A good loading website generally takes a maximum of two to three minutes to load. More loading times of a website may divert your visitor to another similar website hence it will result in loss of business. To prevent this, you should definitely for dedicated servers.


In conclusion, we hope you are now clear with the basic understanding of what a dedicated server is and its types available to cater to your all-technological needs.

You can choose a dedicated server if you want a high level of control, performance, reliability, and security. It can be the right choice for the high demanding websites which get high traffic.

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