Transform business goals to profits with an App like Instacart

The need and usefulness of online grocery apps have been recognized since they entered the market. The demand for their services has increased since early 2020 and will not lapse any time in the future because of the value they add to everyday life. They keep our everyday food essentials within our reach through a few taps on the app and deliver them to our doorstep.

People irrespective of age or occupation began preferring this mode with busy lifestyles due to the panic the pandemic arose. Many traditional shoppers who are picky with their choices switched to this method for ensuring their safety. In times like these, launching an app like Instacart with some brain work will earn you fame as it is the pressing priority for humans to get hold of certain products.

Online grocery shopping in the modern world

Online grocery shopping presently is the most preferred method to shop for groceries. Owning an Instacart Clone app is a two-way benefit depending on the business model. Some people follow the aggregator model, and some will be dedicated grocery deliverers. The latter requires management of fleet and deliverers by the grocery stores. At the same time, the former has connections with many grocery stores and acts only as a third party between customers and grocers.

Grocery delivery platforms act as a connecting cord in the aggregator model. Instacart follows this particular model. It can bring many small grocers to the limelight and give them the deserved exposure to the world. Many small stores, despite offering great quality products, do not receive the recognition they deserve. Hence, launching an app like Instacart benefits small grocery stores.

Instacart- Facts and figures

  • Instacart is a prominent on-demand grocery delivery app in North America.
  • They offer same-day delivery and pick-up of everyday essentials and groceries in America and Canada.
  • The company has partnered with 600 local, regional and national retailers to transport more than 45000 stores to more than 5500 cities in North America and Canada.
  • Their services are available for more than 85% of U.S and 70% of Canadian households.
  • They provide express membership where they offer free delivery unlimitedly for orders greater than $35.
  • They entered into a partnership with The Container Store and provided same-day delivery from all 93 container locations.

Instacart Clone App- How it works?

  • Search for the closest delivery store near them.
  • Browse for the required products.
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Complete the payment process
  • A delivery agent receives notification regarding the order.
  • The groceries are arranged and await the delivery agent.
  • The delivery agent goes to the store, picks up the products.
  • Users meanwhile can track the location of the delivery agent.
  • The delivery is made within the mentioned time.
  • Users are requested to give valuable feedback and rate their experience.

Things to consider before proceeding with the Instacart clone app development

  • Set your business plans and goals. Define your goals well and forecast the direction you wish your business to sail. This includes a budget for the present and future. Evaluate the resources at hand and ways to resource more when the need arises.
  • The market is vast, and the success of a business depends on various factors such as unique selling points, app features, targeted app locations, etc. Conduct research on the current market through natural resources regarding the past, present, and future.
  • Stay informed about trends. The trends impact customer’s tastes and preferences. Conducting surveys and polls helps in figuring majority interests. Arrange the app as per the preferences of potential customers.
  • Discuss budgets and requisite features with the developer, and ask for suggestions. Certain features cost more, so discuss priorly before signing up for the app development.
  • Get the app developed by a developer with prior experience in developing online grocery platforms.
  • The app should have the essential features, UI/UX experience, high-speed performance, etc.
  • For safety purposes, opt for MVP and test the features. If the features installed work well, proceed with the addition of more features, test again, and launch.
  • Test the Instacart Clone app thoroughly and look for glitches. Launch the app when the app comes clean.
  • Optimize the app in the future repeatedly. Add new features and elements to retain and attract app users.

Essential features to include in grocery delivery apps


  • Easy registration

Allow the app users to register expeditiously with their email address/ mobile number or social media handle and login through the same every time.

  • Live Tracking

Users can track orders online with GPS integration, allowing them to keep track of the delivery agent’s location.

  • Order Scheduling

Orders can be scheduled as per the convenience of Instacart Clone app users. The products get delivered at the scheduled time.

  • Multiple payment systems

Users should be given multiple options to pay through e-wallets, net banking debit, and credit cards, COD, so they get to choose their preferred payment method.

  • Take away

The option enables the users to go to the store and collect the orders themselves.

  • Multilingual support

Enables multiple language options to cater to audiences of different regions; local, regional and global.

  • Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings for products purchased. The option gives a chance for improvement in product or service.

Delivery Agents

  • Easy registration

To allow the shoppers to register easily with their email address/ mobile number or social media handle and log in every time.

  • Accept and reject orders

View, accept, and reject customer orders and get notified about them every time.

  • GPS navigation

In-built GPS to navigate through the safest and easiest route.

  • History of order delivery

Contain the list of orders delivered along with the date, time, etc.

  • Earnings

Amount earned from making deliveries for orders.

  • In-app chat

In-app chat with customers and admin.

  • Availability toggle

Defines if they are available for service at a particular time or not.


  • Dashboard

It contains the option to view customers and delivery agents’ activities

  • Customer feedbacks

Contains suggestions, queries, and complaints of customers that help in improving the quality of services.

  • Transactions

Complete information about transactions, i.e., money received from customers, the amount paid to delivery agents, etc.

  • In-app chat

In-app chat with customers and delivery agents.

Cost of development of Instacart clone app

The cost of development involves various factors as:

  • UI/UX Index
  • App design
  • App features
  • Brand of the development company
  • Location of the company
  • Experience of the developer

The revenue model of Instacart

You can earn revenue through the following modes:

  • Advertisement

Includes video ads that may be skippable and unskippable and banner ads.

  • Delivery fees

The shopper may charge fees for delivering goods within a distance, ordering below a threshold carrying weight exceeding a limit.

  • Service fees

Special charges for providing services.

  • Subscription

Monthly or yearly subscription for a premium amount where the buyer gets benefits like free delivery when ordered for more than an amount.

Outlook- Launch your grocery delivery business to capture market profits

Launch your grocery services business with the Instacart clone app and receive a sizeable profit from the market. The online grocery delivery business is flourishing at the moment. Taking a chance, create your grocery delivery business strategy wisely with an Instacart clone where you can customize app features, give users a smooth user experience, and earn a name.