7 Tips for Working With A Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with the load of work need assistance. But the fear of recruiting someone is stressful; so hiring a virtual assistant is the best possible way out. The virtual assistant industry is a dynamic and rising market position for companies and freelancers. A Virtual Assistant is a professional who works with a great level of proficiency. After you hire a virtual assistant or while working with the VA, make sure you adhere to these 7 tips for successful working with them:

Keep a check on daily updates:

To make sure that your virtual assistant is generating some output daily. Ask for the assignments he/she did every day. Ask them to submit updates on a routine basis to keep tracing productivity. The updates should be before starting the particular task and after completing the task. They must notice the time they took in the particular task. This will make virtual assistant work seriously on the projects.

Fix several ways of communication:

Timely communication is necessary to work for the productivity of the business. Entrepreneurs must schedule a proper meeting once a week with their virtual assistant and discuss the work progress and the performance of the VA. Entrepreneurs must keep several methods to contact with eCommerce virtual assistant. More than one method helps to have an alternative way, in case they fail to contact through one. There are various methods such as email, Skype, zoom, Instant messenger, etc. from which they can go for voice calling or video calling as well.

Provide detailed instructions:

Before assigning any task, you must provide clear and detailed instructions about the tasks to your assistant. There can be different ways to do that. You can write detailed instructions via mail or can have a call with him/her to clear out the steps. Discuss on or two days before so that it allows the assistant to study the task and raise questions they might have.

Utilize the right tools:

The use of the right tools and tricks help in working efficiently. Virtual Assistants are professionals working for you but taking them for granted can be a blunder for the business. The use of the right tools can aid to do more work in the least time. For example, the Dropbox tool helps to find the files and information easily, Trello or Asana for managing, Find that Lead tool to find correct email addresses.

Effective communication:

In any business, good communication plays a major role in building strong relationships in the long run. Virtual Assistants are experts working on the tasks assigned by you. They can help you with brainstorming ideas that lead to business growth. Good communication with your VA can build better relations. Also, give them a chance to showcase their ideas and perspective.

Hire a Virtual assistant from a reputed company:

Always make sure you hire a virtual assistant from a company of respective services. A reputed company provides high quality and trustworthy virtual assistant services with certain credibility. In any case, if the Virtual Assistant doesn’t work for you, then the company can assign you an alternative or the most suitable virtual assistant services for your business. A company provides assistants in case of urgency without interruption in the ongoing work.

Be kind and patient:

Ecommerce virtual assistants are professionals who can work for the growth operations if you deal with them kindly and respectfully. It takes a marginal amount of time to do any job. Make sure you give a marginal time and handle things patiently.


Hiring a virtual assistant increases productivity and mitigates the stress level. Follow these 7 crucial tips while working with a virtual assistant and effectively make the best out of them.

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