Things You Need to Consider While Making Combination Mark logo

Whether you go to a professional logo design agency or hire an experienced freelance designer, everyone first asks which logotype you want for your brand’s logo. Here, you have many options to go with. For example, do you want to create a symbol like Twitter, Target, Apple, and Nike to stand out in the marketplace or use a wordmark to tell your company name via logo to the world like Google, Coca-Cola, CNN, and IBM? However, will you consider making a logo that includes both symbols and text? This blog post will share some tips that all designers should consider while creating combination mark logos.

Before going ahead, you need to know what actually is a combination mark? The combination mark, a highly popular and most recommended logotype in 2021, is one in which you use both symbol/icon and text to create a logo. Today, most startups prefer this type when it comes to creating a logo. You might be thinking, why? The answer is you’ve both text and icon to portray your brand’s image. All you need to do is think out-of-the-box and come up with the ideas that can help you create a combination mark that has never been seen before.

However, it’s not easy to make a combination mark. Most companies hire a professional logo design agency or connect with creative and top-rated freelance designers via Fiverr, Upwork, or other freelancing platforms.  If you want to create something outstanding but simple like Pepsi, KFC, Burger King, Microsoft, or Adidas, you need to consider the following things while designing one for your brand.

Mark logo

Choose Icon That Perfectly Represents Your Brand

As we all know, a combination mark logo contains an icon and text, it’s essential to understand that you need to be very careful while picking a symbol for your brand, as whatever you’ll select represent your brand. You never want to portray a blurred image of your company to the audience.

So, select an icon or symbol that helps your potential consumers immediately recognize your brand. It is why every logo design agency or freelance designer asks clients to tell A to Z about the company so that they come up with the relevant design.

Take a look at the Doritos combination mark logo.  See how beautifully they created a symbol and fit the company’s name in it. Although the dynamic and inspiring black triangle with fiery sides is enough to represent Doritos, the brand uses its name in a logo to make it crystal clear for the consumers.

Maintain Balance

“Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.” — Jana Kingsford.

Unlike other types of logos, the combination logo mark needs more attention as it contains both icons and text. You need to maintain a perfect balance in all the elements of a logo. If the symbol you’re using is too big or small than the text, it may leave a terrible impact on your brand image. So, it’s essential to keep the symbol adequate if you want to bring professionalism to your logo design.

Maintain Balance

Similarly, you need to keep the text adequate. The font shouldn’t be too bold or big that it kills the intensity of the symbol. Google top 100 logos and explore them to get inspiration. If you’re not sure about whether from where you should start, connect with a logo design agency or experienced freelance designers and receive professional guidance and assistance.

Use Right Amount of Spacing

To give your combination mark logo a pleasant look, you need to use the right amount of spacing between icon, text, and other elements utilized in the logo. Remember, using space doesn’t mean that you place the elements too far from each other. Such a mistake can cost you heavily.

You can try many options before finalizing the logo like you can put the symbol anywhere around the text: left, right, top, or below. So, explore all the options and find out which combination will work best for your brand image.

Avoid Using Too Many Colors

Due to a lack of consultation and experience, most startups make a blunder that seems ordinary but leaves a severe impact on the brand image. This mistake is the use of too many colours in a logo design. Every professional logo design agency and an experienced freelance designer will suggest you using a maximum of two or three colours in your company’s logo.

Avoid Using Too Many Colors

Think of brands like Amazon and McDonald’s. You’ll find that they have used only two colours in their custom logo designs. Get some inspiration from such brands and select the colours that perfectly match your brand’s personality.

Keep It Simple

Last but not least, keep your combination mark logo simple. It’s essential to avoid complicated elements or symbols. Try to make a lightweight logo by simply using an icon and text. In short, play a minimalist while designing a combination mark for your brand. See the emblems of the world’s leading brands to get incredible ideas for your brand.