Everything you need to know about Singapore’s employment visa

It has always been known that Singapore has one of the best economies in the world. The reason is that different kinds of businesses conduct their operations here. These businesses demand different sets of labourers. So Singapore allows for an individual to acquire an employment visa

Since the businesses in Singapore come from healthcare, engineering, and even mining, the types of needed individuals differ. They differ in skills and credentials. Therefore the type of employment visa is also different per worker. For example, a professional should get an E to pass Singapore visa while unskilled to semi-skilled workers apply for a work permit. 

There are many advantages to working in Singapore, so many foreign individuals are interested in applying. Even if Singapore offers relatively easy employment visa applications, it is still important to know everything before applying. The qualifications and requirements for the  E pass Singapore visa are different from the requirements for the work permit. Here is everything you need to know about a Singapore employment visa to make things easier when you apply. 

#1 Eligibility

The first thing that you have to consider is whether or not you are eligible for a visa being offered by Singapore. Aside from the written qualifications, you can check your eligibility to the self-assessment tool provided by the Singaporean government. As mentioned, there are different qualifications in every type of visa, below is a few of them. 

E pass Singapore visa.

The E passes Singapore permit is intended for working professionals. You have to have a job offer from any Singaporean registered company to qualify for this employment visa. The job offer must be at the level of executive or managerial. It can also be a specialized job offer on the same level as the once mentioned. 

All types of nationalities are eligible to apply for the  E pass Singapore visa. The interested candidate must be earning at least $4,500 monthly qualified. They should also have a good university diploma or degree relevant to the job they are interested in.

A higher minimum salary and more experience will be required for older candidates or applicants. This is the mundane quality of labourers or workers in Singapore. If you meet these qualifications, then you can apply for the E pass Singapore visa. 

S Pass

Mid-skilled workers or those working as truck drivers, flight attendants, waiters, or bartenders can apply for the S pass. These individuals should also have a job offer in any Singaporean company. Interested candidates should be earning at least $2,500 every month to be considered for this employment visa.

The applicant should also have a degree or a diploma related to the job that day wants to work in. However, Singapore sometimes considers technical certificate that is related to the job. These certificates should be equivalent to a one-year worth of full-time academic study. 

The space is also open to all foreign nationals as long as they meet the said qualifications. Interested candidates can also ensure their eligibility by using the self-assessment tool provided. 

Personalized employment pass

The E passes Singapore visa can be upgraded to the personalized employment pass. The qualifications for this employment visa are just the same as the E pass Singapore permit. The only difference is that interested individuals should be earning a minimum of $12,000 monthly. 

For foreign individuals who are still working overseas, They can also apply for this visa When they earn $18,000 monthly. This type of employment visa is not limited to any job sector. That is why more professional individuals want to apply for this. 


Business owners or entrepreneurs can also apply for a working visa in Singapore. The Entrepass Would allow these individuals to conduct their business operations in this country. One of the qualifications is having a business idea that is venture-backed or has technological advancements. This business should be shown in a document such as the business profile to serve as proof. No minimum salary or other qualifications will be demanded from the interested individual.

#2 How to apply

The common requirement for all employment visas is to have a job offer from a Singaporean sponsor or company. These companies are also the ones required to process the application of all interested individuals.

Candidates can also hire the help of a trusted third-party agency, as Singapore allows this. As long as it is in the accredited agency, we can apply for the interested individual. For sponsors who do not have a Singaporean office, they can still apply for the employee through a sister company with a physical office in Singapore.

The applications would usually last for about three weeks if the company has a Singaporean office. However, for overseas companies, the application may stretch out for up to eight weeks. There would also be an application fee and an additional fee after the visa is issued. 

#3 Benefits

The majority of these visas are valid for one to two years. If the holder has a good and clean record throughout their stay in Singapore, it can be renewed. Renewal can extend the employment visa for up to three years.

The E pass Singapore holders are not entitled to medical insurance from the employer. However, S pass or work permit holders should be given one.  They are also allowed to bring family members to Singapore. 

When it comes to the family members’ visa, the sponsor company or the agency are also the ones required to process it. Legally married spouses and children under 21 years old can be given the dependant pass. At the same time, common-law spouses and their unmarried stepchildren younger than 21 years old will be given the long-term visit pass. Disabled children older than 21 will also be allowed to apply for the long-term visit pass. 

One unique benefit of the personalized E pass Singapore visa is that holders can work in any job sector as long as they meet the qualifications on that job. They can change employers without applying for a new visa as long as they notified Singapore agencies. Personalized employment pass holders can also stay in Singapore for six months, even if they do not have a current employer. 

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