Enhancing Security Through KYC in Cryptocurrency

When the crypto world experiences price increases as we’ve encountered, savvy investors want prompt access to the party. But, how can you make sure your possible users are up and operating on your website as quickly and effectively as possible. 

The World of Cryptocurrency

Crypto has long been an active market, with increases and declines of 40% or more in a matter of years not unique, and modern affairs that apparently have nothing to do with crypto can have an impact on the percentage value. Crypto has been seen as an option to fiat money, so when an investor loses their trust in fiat money because of financial or federal incidents, they can turn to bitcoin or its opponents, increasing the price. 

Therefore, there are events of current events having a definite impact on both cryptocurrency and fiat money; when it was declared that Joe Biden had won the competition to become the upcoming President of the US for instance, monetary markets around the globe united with global shares reaching record highs. Similar can be said for the crypto wallet as Bitcoin increased to its greatest level since January 2018. 

Onboarding Cryptocurrency Customers

Knowing your customer, or conducting CDD, should be done regardless of whether anti-money laundering laws are relevant to make sure users are who they’re claiming to be. Malicious activities have expanded globally and as we studied recently, illegitimate activities have been regularly progressing in the crypto world. To stay ahead of regulatory authorities, crypto exchanges should add KYC services to distinct points within their circumstances, to assist in reducing the financing of terrorism and comply with compliance measures.

Performing KYC procedures assist crypto to get a handle on this novel outbreak. Know your customer is the initial CDD stage in anti-money laundering onboarding measures and as a crypto market and crypto wallets more like monetary institutions, know your customer needs to be added in the anti-money laundering for these companies. 

Performing a robust and effective know your customer in crypto will:

  1. Develop faith and transparency with users. 
  2. Lower the uncertainties of monetary crime
  3. Develop assurance and confidence between users.
  4. Assist to support the crypto market, 
  5. Sustain transactions and custodial service acquiescence. 

Several companies make the error of onboarding when a client enrolls for a paid subscription to their item. The more a company understands about their users, the more they not only develop extensive faith within their company but can cater user experiences to increase loyalty, enhance the entire user lifetime, and acquire revenue retention. As a smart company strategy, not understanding your user in the present’s monetary world is a non-starter. 

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Building trust and security in crypto with KYC

With several nations progressing toward cryptocurrencies differently, developing a global know your customer program is difficult. Therefore, some commonalities can ease the procedure and simplify the burden on regulatory bodies. 

Ultimately, if there are designated regulatory bodies and order in place, the bar has been set. Therefore, as the latest sector, being protective and assisting in making sure that all payments operate in a market that is as precise and accurate as possible will ensure the industry grows. The FATF, the inter-governmental body which sets global measures to combat money laundering, directs those countries and monetary institutions should examine the risk of money laundering and financing terrorism for any latest technology, and regulate and reduce those risks before launching. Due to this, any latest cryptocurrency technology will come under anti-money laundering requirements. 

Crypto regulations are going to stay

Monetary service providers involving crypto exchanges are observant with respect to the monetary services they give to the users by making sure a safe platform. Managing cryptocurrency is under the plans of crypto exchanges. Crypto investors have encountered significant financial loss as a consequence of exchange scams and hacks that eventually disturb the crypto market. With the scheme of combatting future crypto investors from failure, regulatory authorities across the globe have revealed know your customer, anti-money laundering, and countering the financing of terrorism laws compulsory for digital currency providers. 

For example, in the fifth anti-money laundering directive, IDV in digital currency companies has announced compulsory to fight the actions of malicious activities and terrorism financing. 

Finally, before the upcoming regulatory evaluation, crypto businesses have to come up with KYC compliance and EDD compliance tactics to ensure accountability and transparency in the online currency system. Any inconsistency with respect to non-compliance can occur in severe penalties and punishments by regulatory authorities. 

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