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Who are we!?

Welcome to OctopusRecords, your number one source for telling your stories. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best Services. OctopusRecords is an online platform for bloggers and authors to publish their stories and articles to build a global market. Founded by Faraz Jameel, his passion for story telling has allowed them to reach the imaginative minds of bloggers and authors around the globe and bring their stories to passionate online readers.

OctopusRecords core is centered on evolving ideas through knowledge. As a hub focused on the power of storytelling, we flourish on real-world accounts of global events. Our content spans across several ethnically relevant and universally advanced topics. We are invited you to share your stories, your personal experience, and expertise with us and engage in conversations that matter. Connect with the world and let everybody know what you think. Become a writer because your story is the most powerful method to inspire millions of people along their journey and help them to branch out beyond the world they know.